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ARE WE MEN OR CORPORALS? — Mediocre junkyards

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ARE WE MEN OR CORPORALS?  — Mediocre junkyards

Dear friends near and faras Nunzio Filogamo, the radio presenter of the first Sanremo Festivals said, when you were all still in Jupiter’s lap, if you really have nothing better to do than inform yourself about the things of the send in an obstinate and contrary direction, here is the programming of the my new episode of Mondocane and EcoMondocane on Byoblu.

Sunday at 21.00

Monday at 12.30

Tuesday at 08.00

Thursday at 2.30pm.

Perversely, we have thought of all the schedules of active life, in order to break your professional and biological rhythms beyond all decency.

Anyway, here’s what it’s about:

With an eye and an ear to the new Meloni regime, the classic edition of neo-fascism 3.0, after Draghi’s 2.0 in brown shirt, we talk about the widespread phenomenon among the Italians at the worst of the mediocre regime.

A regime that is not expressed only in the government, in the ruling class, in the intellectual classes, in the clergy, but which pervades, thanks to the fish that stinks from the head, a bit of our whole post-Demo-Christian society and neo-various things.

The mediocre gains space and position thanks to cunning, his lifesaver for the lack of intelligence and, often, culture. You find it in the condominium, in the company, in the office, in the condominium, in the party, in the family. The mediocre, who is inevitably also incompetent, makes up for his structural deficiencies by brigading, catching seats and armchairs of power, from which to rage on the competent and intelligent with the tools of the hierarchy regardless and of bureaucracy. How does it get to that? By adopting the cyclist’s position (metaphor, with all due respect to cyclists, an absolutely worthy category of the nation): bending your back upwards and stepping down with your feet.

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It is starting from this very evident categorization that here we try to see what happened and what could happen in the coming year.

Being stubborn and against, as De Andrè teaches, we give little space to the media bacchanalia on the strollers in the Plaza dei Tre Poteri in Brasilia, all of whom are obviously extremely ferocious fascist coup plotters, and we prefer to give more to the umpteenth, authentic US coup in Peru. A coveted little town for its copper, where, obscured by the hubbub over Brasilia, they cover up – the usual clever mediocre ones – the bloodbath in which those people have been drowning for a month because they dare to oppose the putschists and their massacring army.

Always walking in the stubborn and opposite direction, we meet a press of true excellence for mediocre cunning, given how it manages to make six million Palestinians disappear from the map and from history, subjected to harassment, brutality, serial killing, such that, at moments, the it must seem that in addition to the well-known Netaniahu, accompanied by the fascist Ben Gvyr, at least a couple of Azov battalions are facing us. 220 Palestinians killed in 2022, over 9,000 injured, 150 minors in prison, a few thousand adults in pretrial detention without trial. It’s Guantanamo style. It applies to those who claim to be human.

And come on and come on and come on, we come to EcoMondocane, which deals with the ecology of institutions.

Having launched the war on the poor, accelerated that on the environment, the war on the nation could not be missing from the Melonian-Nordian-Giorgettian-Berlusconian priorities (what good company, guys!). Are we, or are we not patriots? Like Mussolini, who was to Hitler what Meloni is to Biden.

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War against the nation through what the author of the Porcellum (electoral system declared unconstitutional after three legislatures), one who some time ago celebrated weddings with water cruets from the God Po, launched through the “Framework Law on differentiated autonomy”.

The Italians have been caught with their heads bowed by the modification of Article V of the Constitution, thus giving the presidents of the regions the rank of feudal lords, viceroys of the Marches, robber barons. Well, that wasn’t enough. With the regime of the patriots we arrive at the dispossession of the State of what were called LEP, Essential Levels of Performance. That is to say how much the State kept for itself, compared to what it granted to the regions. Now these, which concern school, health and transport, in the intentions of the Northern League patriot and former secessionist, Roberto Calderoli, will all be determined by the governors of the regions.

Health, School, transport included. All their stuff. 21 different education, health and mobility systems. With state funding that would be in line with the “historic expenditure”. Which historically has favored the favorites of the North, who are so good at producing. Equalizations? Compensations to finally restore a national balance that has been compromised since the time of Cavour? Are you joking?

So the North tries to leave again, once again taking away the wealth, largely sucked from the veins of the South. Have you seen what the Covid game has managed to do in the hospitals of the North? Between affairs, affairs, coffins on the street…. We really want to see what the Zajas, the Fontanas, the Tuscan Gianis, the Emiliano-Romagna Bonaccinis can do in our schools, for our kids. Isn’t the social and cultural massacre of the telematic project on which those of the PNRR are working high up enough for us?

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