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Are you estranged from Doña Peta? Ana Paula Consorte responds after her strong hints

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Are you estranged from Doña Peta?  Ana Paula Consorte responds after her strong hints

‘Magaly TV La Firme’ was able to speak with Ana Paula Consorte minutes before boarding the plane at the Jorge Chávez airport, heading to Brazil. In the broadcast on Thursday, February 22, you can see the mother of Paolo Guerrero’s children with the same clothes from the previous day and her face distorted.

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Prior to this interview, the ATV program cameras captured the Brazilian in a hotel in San Isidro, crying uncontrollably while talking on her cell phone. Ana Paula spent the night away from Paolo Guerrero, who slept at her mother Doña Peta’s house. These images would suggest that the model is not happy with her partner’s decision to play for the César Vallejo Club.

Already at the airport, Ana Paula was consulted about the situation facing her relationship with Paolo Guerrero. “Has her relationship ended with Paolo Guerrero?” is the question the reporter asked her, with silence as the answer. The model avoided answering that question, unlike the others, where she stated that she was traveling to Brazil and that everything was fine with Doña Peta, the soccer player’s mother.

“Is the distancing with Doña Peta true?” the journalist asked. “No,” the Brazilian model said quite firmly. When questioned about her crying at the hotel, she indicated that everything was fine.

At another time, when they asked him why he did not accompany Paolo Guerrero to Trujillo and she is going to Brazil, he indicated: “He is already where he is,” making it clear that the couple has had a strong difference.

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Ana Paula Consorte responds about the estrangement with her mother-in-law, Doña Peta.

Before traveling to Brazil, Ana Paula Consorte surprised with a publication that would be addressed to Paolo Guerrero’s mother. As recalled, the footballer has been harshly criticized for the influence that his mother has on him despite being 40 years old.

“A good woman remains by the man’s side, even knowing that he lies, that he deceives and that he betrays, and that woman is his mother, my love! We do not! “The trap is there, whoever wants to falls!” can be read in the Brazilian’s Instagram story.

Ana Paula Consorte sends a message that would be dedicated to Doña Peta. Instagram.

In addition, he made known how he felt after the agreement that Paolo Guerrero had with Richard Acuña, president of the César Vallejo Club. With the clown filter, the model wrote: “Are there other people in this story who also feel this way? Or just the Brazilian one here”, generating a stir among the couple’s followers.

Ana Paula Consorte and her peculiar way of expressing how she feels after Paolo Guerrero’s decision,

The host of Magaly TV La Firme referred to the influence that Doña Peta has on Paolo Guerrero, and did not hesitate to leave a message for Ana Paula Consorte.

“What no one told Ana Paula Consorte is that she does not have the real power in their relationship. I think everyone in Peru knows that the real power behind Paolo is her mother. It is true that when a man matures, gets married, starts a family, he does not go running to his mother (…)”, indicated Magaly Medina in its February 22 edition.

“In a couple, the decisions are made in the new family, which is with the person with whom you live and started a new life,” said the journalist, who also gave her opinion on the alleged indirect of the Brazilian to Doña Peta. .

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For Magaly Medina, there is nothing wrong with it, since Ana Paula is only establishing her position and way of thinking.

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