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Argentine Federal Prosecutor Launches Investigation into Human Rights Violations in Venezuela

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Title: Argentine Prosecutor Launches Investigation into Human Rights Violations in Venezuela

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Argentina’s federal prosecutor, Carlos Stornelli, has initiated an investigation into human rights violations in Venezuela, following a complaint filed by the George Clooney Foundation for Justice last month. The foundation urged Argentina to exercise its principle of universal jurisdiction and uncover the truth behind the systematic and serious violations of human rights taking place in Venezuela.

The complaint submitted by the George Clooney Foundation for Justice included compelling evidence regarding the criminal responsibility of Venezuelan security forces in committing crimes against humanity.

Universal jurisdiction allows countries to prosecute individuals responsible for such crimes regardless of geographical location or nationality, allowing Argentina to play a role in seeking justice for the victims.

Prioritizing the investigation, Stornelli has requested reports from Argentine judges, prosecutors, and the United Nations Human Rights Council to gather further information and evidence. The prosecutor’s office also plans to collaborate with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to obtain certified copies of relevant proceedings related to the situation in Venezuela, including those concerning the deaths of two individuals, whose identities have not been disclosed.

Argentina, having a strong precedent in applying the principle of universal jurisdiction, is deemed an appropriate jurisdiction to conduct the investigation into Venezuela’s human rights violations, according to the George Clooney Foundation for Justice.

Stornelli’s request for letters rogatory to be sent to Venezuela highlights his determination to ensure the collaboration of local judges and prosecutors in gathering essential information related to the case. Additionally, he has sought the UN Human Rights Council’s cooperation and requested certified copies of crucial reports.

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