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At least two people have been killed in an Israeli attack in Damascus, Syria

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At least two people have been killed in an Israeli attack in Damascus, Syria

Syrian state television said an airstrike hit a residential building in the Kafr Sousa neighborhood of the capital Damascus on Wednesday morning. According to a military source cited in the report, the attack was carried out by the Israeli army. At least two people were killed and several were injured: they were all identified as civilians, but their precise number was not made public. Some witnesses said they heard more than one explosion. The Israeli army, as usual, did not comment on the incident, but a source from security circles he confirmed a Reuters that the attack was conducted by Israel. According to the source, however, the Israeli army did not “achieve its objectives”.

In recent years there have been several attacks in Syria for which responsibility has been attributed to the Israeli army and which had Iranian military targets located in the country as their targets. Iran finances and leads more or less directly several armed groups in Syria and neighboring countries. These attacks intensified after the one carried out on October 7 in Israel by Hamas, which is strongly supported by Iran. However, even before that, the Israeli government accused Iran of wanting to strengthen its position in Syria, as an ally of Bashar al Assad’s regime. This alliance also serves Iran to more easily transfer weapons to the radical Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah (Lebanon borders almost entirely on Syria).

The Kafr Sousa neighborhood, where Wednesday’s attack took place, is near a large military and intelligence complex: an Israeli attack in the area in 2023 killed several Iranian military experts.

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