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Atlético Tucumán vs. River, for the League Cup: summary and controversies

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Atlético Tucumán vs.  River, for the League Cup: summary and controversies

El Millonario had a weak first half but wasted a penalty on Barco’s feet between sparks with Borja – he would leave injured – and Demichelis; In the second it was more but he couldn’t break the tie. Anyway, continue up in Zone A.

Atlético Tucumán


River Plate

Atlético Tucumán and River gave away a vibrant draw this Wednesday at the José Fierro stadium, to which the cold data of 0-0 does not do justice. For the fifth date of zone A of the League Cup, the Millionaire arrived as a favorite after his impeccable record of four victories in a row against a Dean who, incredibly due to the touches he showed tonight, still has not won. .

The first half had everything but goals. Because Sergio Gómez’s team started off much more in tune, creating the most dangerous arrivals, and then a great opportunity to twist the lawsuit for Martín Demichelis’ team led to an unthinkable scandal. The face of the local danger was Matías Orihuela, who failed to deflect in his first clear chance and in the second he went offside, but burst the crossbar. That is why it was surprising that in his first opportunity the Millionaire hit hard, to open his own Pandora’s box within his team.

Néstor Breitenbruch advanced the ball in a rejection in the area and when he went for it he committed a clear penalty on Nacho Fernández, although there were protests and confirmation from the VAR for a slight but bombastic previous grab by Facundo Colidio. In parallel to the local discussions with Nazareno Arasa, Miguel Borja pretended to be the performer but Esequiel Barco did not let him. First shot: José Devecchi covered very well, throwing himself to his right for the Tucumán relief, but the VAR determined that there was an invasion and the action had to be repeated.

Faced with the mistake, Demichelis ordered Borja to take the second shot, but Barco took possession of the ball and, at 27, threw it into the clouds. A very hot moment for River, who then continued to suffer with Marcelo Estigarribia missing Franco Armani and the goalkeeper blocking Joaquín Pereyra. Borja just got closer to the break, but he narrowly missed the goal. After the whistle that started the break, everyone went to console Barco, even the Colombian, leaving any resentment behind. Likewise, the one who took note of the snub was Demichelis, who decided that the disobedient not return in the complement and be replaced by the rising jewel Franco Mastantuono.

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Indeed, the best of the second period was Núñez’s team, which once again showed serious finishing problems. The other millionaire promise, Agustín Ruberto, had to rush in due to Miguel Borja’s adductor injury that worries River with the Superclásico looming on the horizon, but on the playing field things were going to ask for a visit that He seemed to have the goal when he fell.

Mastantuono had it against Devecchi but the goalkeeper thwarted him, and in the next shot Joaquín Pereyra kicked the post face to face with Armani. Mastantuono responded with another shot from the horizontal, Devecchi blocked Ruberto again and Enzo Díaz narrowly missed the last one. There was finally no effectiveness for the Millionaire who, in an evening with several setbacks, was at least able to rescue a point that assures him the top even if they can reach it.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River, for the League Cup: live monitoring

50′ 2T: End of the match

Atlético Tucumán and River finished 0-0.

40′ 2T: Enzo Díaz just off course

New chance for River, without aim.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River: Enzo Díaz’s header chance

29′ 2Q: Devecchi advances to Ruberto

The goalkeeper blocks the youth in the area from close range.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River: José Devecchi’s save against Agustín Ruberto

24′ 2T: Mastantuono to the corner!

The jewel defines as soon as he steps into the area and the ball hits the horizontal.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River: Franco Mastantuono’s shot on the stick

18′ 2T: Pereyra’s stick!

The local midfielder finishes face to face with Armani and it misses the goal by centimeters.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River:: Joaquín Pereyra’s suit

15′ 2Q: Devecchi taps it to Mastantuono

Free kick from the kid that the goalkeeper clears.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River: Franco Mastantuono’s free kick

9′ 2T: Concern about Borja’s injury

Agustín Ruberto replaces the Colombian, affected in the left adductor.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River:: Borja is injured

The second half starts!

The action continues in Tucumán… without Barco, replaced by Mastantuono.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River:: Boat to the bank, Mastantuono enters

52′ 2T: End of the first half… and everyone with Boat

Even Borja, previously angry for not letting him execute, encourages the midfielder who missed two penalties, who leaves saddened.

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Atlético Tucumán vs. River:: Borja encourages Barco when the first half ended

43′ 1Q: Borja loses it hand in hand with Devecchi

The Colombian resolves just off the mark.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River: Miguel Borja’s mistake

41′ 1T: Armani saves against Pereyra

On 10 he tests medium distance and answers on 1.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River:: Franco Armani’s save

38′ 1T: Estigarribia misses against Armani

He has a one-on-one ball with the goalkeeper but he finishes hard and outside.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River:: Marcelo Estigarribia’s mistake

27′ 2T: Ship to the clouds!

After several twists and turns in which it seemed that Borja was going to kick, Esequiel repeats and throws very high.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River: Esequiel Barco kicks the second penalty outside

23′ 1T: Devecchi saves!… But with the VAR they become invaded

The goalkeeper throws himself to his right and blocks Barco’s shot, although protests erupt after Arasa decided to kick again.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River: José Devecchi saves Esequiel Barco’s penalty, although it is kicked again

22′ 1T: Borja, upset at not being able to kick

Among the protests to Arasa, the Colombian also gets angry for not being the performer.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River: Miguel Borja’s anger because Esequiel Barco kicks the penalty

18′ 1T: Controversial penalty for River

Colidio stretched Breitenbruch’s shirt, who advanced the ball into the area and then took off Nacho Fernández.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River: penalty increases Nacho Fernández

9′ 1T: Orihuela hits the crossbar!… But offside

Once again the home team arrived clearly although the full-back arrived ahead.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River: Marcelo Estigarribia’s crossbar

6′ 1T: Orihuela can’t deflect

The Dean’s defender tries to connect at the first post and the ball passes near the second.

Atlético Tucumán vs. River: Matías Orihuela’s chance

It’s already being played in Tucumán!

Atlético and River, in action at the José Fierro.

There will be a minute of silence before the game

From the club they reported: “Atlético Tucumán will hold a minute of silence in honor of the club’s former player, Julio “Luli” Cansillieri, who died today. Remembered central midfielder who played between 1970 and 1972, with 50 appearances with our shirt. We salute his family and accompany them in this moment of pain.”

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Atlético Tucumán’s eleven to seek its first victory

Joseph Devecchi; Nestor Breitenbruch, Francisco Flores, Gianluca Ferrari, Matthias Orihuela; Renzo Tesuri, Adrian Sanchez, William Acosta, Nicolas Castro, Joaquin Pereyra; Marcelo Estigarribia.

With two changes, River’s eleven at the José Fierro

Franco Armani; Andrew Herrera, Sebastian Boselli, Ramiro Funes Mori, Enzo Diaz; Nicholas Fonseca, Rodrigo Aliendro; Nacho Fernandez, Esequiel Ship; Facundo Colidio and Michael Borja.

The tarot reader’s prediction of River vs. Atlético Tucumán, for the League Cup

Can Tarot, recognized for predicting the results of Xeneize, threw down his cards and gave his prediction for this Wednesday’s duel against the Dean.

River, in search of the fifth fourth consecutive victory in the Cup

The team led by Martín Demichelis has won three consecutive victories domestically and one more in the Argentine Cup, and wants to continue on the path to victory. In his last presentation last Sunday he beat Deportivo Riestra 3-0 and due to the string of matches, the coach is analyzing rotating the starting eleven to alleviate burdens. The good news is that Milton Casco returned after leaving an injury behind.

Atlético Tucumán, urged to add three

The Dean needs to add three after not having won in any of the four games he played in the local tournament. They barely rescued two draws and two defeats. On Sunday they lost 2-0 as a visitor against Barracas Central and for this match the duo Sergio Gómez and Favio Orsi could reach out in search of answers. From now on, a forced change will be in the rear because Nicolás Romero was sent off for a double yellow and will not be able to be there.

River vs. data Atlético Tucumán, for the League Cup

  • Time: 21.30
  • TV: ESPN Premium
  • Stadium: José Fierro
  • Referee: Nazareno Arasa

The history of River vs. Atlético Tucumán

In total they faced each other 19 times.

  • River won nine times
  • Atlético Tucumán took three wins
  • They finished tied in seven games

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