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Attack in a shopping center in Sydney: six dead. A nine-month-old baby was also stabbed

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Attack in a shopping center in Sydney: six dead.  A nine-month-old baby was also stabbed

Australian cops sprung into action at Sydney’s Bondi Junction Westfield shopping center after reports of a knife and gun attack and shot a suspect. The Sydney Morning Herald reports, adding that there are unconfirmed reports of a second suspect at the scene. According to various media reports, six people died, including the attacker. Eight people were injured, one is in serious condition. There is also a nine-month-old baby among the people who were stabbed by the mall attacker.

Deaths and injuries from stabbing in Sydney. Once one attacker has been killed, a second one is being searched for. The live broadcast

A NSW Ambulance Service spokesperson said police shot the attacker, who acted alone. The police “have no information” on the man who triggered the panic. Deputy Commissioner Anthony Cooke reported this at a press conference, underlining that “from the initial investigations it would appear that this person acted alone”. “We are continuing to try to identify the perpetrator,” he added. The New South Wales police do not rule out that the attack on the Sydney shopping center was a terrorist attack. Deputy Police Commissioner Anthony Cooke declared this during a press conference. “We’re not ruling anything out,” Cooke said in response to a question about the possible terrorist motive. “At the moment we are not aware of a motive or ideology behind the attack,” he added.

Sydney, ambush causes six deaths and several injuries: images of the stabber in action

Images circulating on social media show the attacker dressed in shorts and a sports shirt moving inside the building brandishing a long knife. Another video shows a man trying to block him while he is on the escalators, people running away from him and injured people on the ground in a bath of blood. A witness, Roi Huberman, told ABC that he took refuge in a shop and saw people leaving the shopping center in tears.

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Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been briefed by federal police on the attack on the Westfield shopping center in Sydney. The Premier of New South Wales (NSW), Penny Sharpe, said she was shocked by the incident: «My thoughts and those of the NSW government are at this moment with the victims, their families and rescuers, as well as with those who they may have witnessed these horrific events.”

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