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Attention Tusnami, review of his album Core (2024)

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Attention Tusnami, review of his album Core (2024)

The core. It’s everything. “You have to feel it in your core,” the spinning instructor told me in my first class. He was referring to the core, the knot in my stomach. I guess. Then we have grindcore, metalcore, easycore and, of course, hardcore, which is the mother of all cores and the one that also gave birth to all the post that has ever existed. That’s where they come from Tsunami Attention They refer to that essence in their fifth album, five years after a “VLTRA” (2019) which was silenced by the pandemic. In a way it is as if with this album the people of Madrid claimed more than ever, hitting the table to demand that outstanding attention that they have deserved for at least a decade and that the media and the (great) have rarely given it to them. public.

Everything sounds more concise (ten songs in 32 minutes), more virulent, more forceful. They have gone direct and to the point. It is inevitable to remember the outbreak of the current Viva Belgrade in “Rentists” or the solidity that León Benavente has always shown in “A room with a view”. They are in that league. It is something that is already perceived from the electric riff of “Violent machine”, that asks for asylum in your head from minute one. And that doesn’t mean they have forgotten to perfect their most dreamy vision, the one that in past installments reminded us of shoegaze and pop Africanism that became so fashionable a decade ago, seasoned in its case with doses of sarcasm: there they are “Politicize your stress”, “Fahrenheit”, “The new old thing” o “Happy Days”.

I couldn’t say if this album, again produced by Raúl Pérez at La Mina and mastered by Víctor García at Ultramarinos, is the best of his career. What is certain is that he is the one who raises his hand the loudest to demand that they be listened to.

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