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Australian magpie attack season comes, 5-month-old baby girl dies after being attacked by magpies

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Original title: Australian magpie attacking season is coming, a 5-month-old baby girl killed by a magpie attack

Chinanews, August 11th. According to Australia.com, the state of Victoria (hereinafter referred to as “Victoria”), where Melbourne is located, has recorded nearly 50 magpie attacks before the Australian magpie attack season officially arrives. In Victoria, magpies are protected by law, but early reports of attacks indicate that the problem of attacks in Australia this spring may be worse than in previous years.

According to the “Magpie Alert” website, 184 magpie attacks have been recorded across Australia this year, of which 20 were injured as a result of magpie attacks. Earlier, a 5-month-old baby girl was swooped by a magpie in a park in Brisbane, Queensland. Her mother fell while trying to escape, and the baby girl died of serious injuries. The Brisbane City Council stated that the magpie involved had been captured by council staff and moved to a “far away place”. Before this tragedy happened, many people had formally protested against the magpies. Victorian resident Marcus Alexander’s wife’s eyes were injured by a magpie. He said: “A magpie swooped over and hit my wife’s eyes severely. Now her eyes have some defects. And afraid of magpies.”

Rebecca Dixon, Senior Wildlife Management Officer of the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning said: “The magpie has a very good memory. The average life span is about 20 years, and it usually stays in one place throughout its life. This means one The location is prone to repeated magpie attacks year after year.” Birds that like to swoop, including magpies and masked lapwings, have territorial awareness, so it is difficult to relocate them because most of them will try to return to the young birds. . The best way to avoid a sudden attack by a magpie is to stay away from known hot spots of attack.

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According to the Victorian Environment Agency website, the public should not try to move magpies in any area. “All Victoria’s native wildlife are protected by law. It is illegal to harass or harm local birds and other wildlife without permission. Do not try to interfere by throwing stones. This may cause magpies to Human beings see it as a threat, thereby increasing raids.”Return to Sohu to see more


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