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Austria, in the streets against the obligation to vaccinate: but in intensive care with collapse 87% is No Vax

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Concern in Austria for the demonstrations announced for today following the government’s decision to reintroduce a generalized lockdwon for at least 10 days (and which will continue for the unvaccinated) and above all to impose the vaccination obligation starting from next February. In Vienna, several thousand people are expected to take to the streets for the demonstration organized by the far-right party Fpoe whose leader Hebert Kickl, who is currently infected with Covid, says that Austria is slipping towards “dictatorship”.

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The police have foreseen a massive deployment of forces, with 1300 agents who will guarantee order and compliance with anti-Covid security measures, which provide for the obligation for demonstrators to wear Ffp2 masks. Meanwhile, infections in the country continue to rise, we are at over 16,000 cases a day, and intensive care is at risk of collapse. Of the hospitalized, 87 percent are unvaccinated.

Covid, in Greece private doctors foreclosed for hospitals. Prison for those who do not show up


Ukraine, the pandemic continues to gallop
The fourth wave of the pandemic gallops across Europe, especially in the Eastern countries. In Ukraine in the last 24 hours 18,250 new cases of Covid-19 and 664 deaths caused by the disease have been recorded: the Ministry of Health reported by the Interfax agency. According to official data, 3,322,308 cases of Covid-19 have been detected in the country since the beginning of the epidemic, including 80,895 deaths. In Ukraine, 12,755,986 people received at least one dose of Covid vaccine and 9,661,304 of them received both doses.

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Czech Republic: record of cases, off to “2G”
Record of infections in the Czech Republic: the 22,936 infections recorded in the last 24 hours are unprecedented since the beginning of the pandemic in the country. The government, like many others, is running for cover and preparing to introduce the reinforced Green Pass: entrances to restaurants, events and access to various services only for those who are vaccinated or cured.
Record of infections also in Slovakia, where 9,171 new infections were recorded for the first time.

Russia, the wave does not stop
In Russia there is another record number of deaths from Covid, with 1,254 infected dead in the last 24 hours and over 37 thousand new cases. According to the data provided by the national operations center for the fight against Covid, the greatest number of infections occurred in Moscow (3,239), St. Petersburg (2,637) and the Moscow province (1885). As for the deaths, 93 deaths occurred in Moscow and 75 in St. Petersburg.

A new outbreak of “imported” cases in China
The National Health Commission of China has announced the detection of 23 new coronavirus positives, 3 of which are due to the local infection in Liaoning and Jilin. The remaining 20 cases were found among overseas travelers in Shanghai, Guangxi, Shandong, Guangzhou, Yunnan and Fujian. Health authorities also reported having detected 16 asymptomatic cases, all but one “imported” from abroad. The total of this type of infections under observation is 487, of which 345 from other territories.

Lockdown for those who are not protected, two out of three Italians are in favor

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