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Ayle returns and Evening shirts

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Ayle returns and Evening shirts

Here we are back with a new article on previews of the recording of Amici 23, which will be held today at the Elios studios in Rome. The episode will air Sunday 18 February at 2pm on the Biscione flagship network. What happened in the last few days? Ayle has abandoned Maria De Filippi’s program and once he returned home he called the production to return to being a student of the School again. A lack of respect towards the public, the supporters and the production, but Anna Pettinelli he decided to readmit him. “I think you’re an a**hole. I took your side because I think outside you would have thrown yourself down and wouldn’t have gotten up,” she declared. Malia comparing himself with his colleague.

Ayle takes away a place for the Amici Evening to his adventure companions? If among the eligible recipients there are Holden, Petit, Malia, Lil Jolie and Sarah, Mida and Kia, there are those who risk seeing this dream of reaching the last step of the broadcast collapse due to Ayle’s return. Staying on the theme of Evening of Amici, in the last afternoons the public witnessed the awarding of the gold jersey to Dustin and Gaia De Martino. Who will join them for the last phase of the talent show which will be broadcast in prime time on Canale 5 from next Saturday 23 March?

Previews Amici episode 18 February 2024: Maria De Filippi’s guests

A episode of Friends full of guests, the one that will be broadcast on Sunday 18 February 2024. Maria De Filippi, after the defeat of Domenica In special Sanremo last week, has decided to bring home the former students who this year participated in the 74th edition of the Festival. The audience will see Irama, Maninni, The Kolors, Angelina Mango and Annalisa. Emma and Alessandra Amoroso are absent: they will most likely be guests in the next episode.

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Amici Evening previews: three students reach the final stage and a suspended jersey

The race continues Evening of Friends 23: the previews on the recording reveal that it was those who won the shirt Holden, Martina e Marisol. The judges of this episode were Ornella Vanoni and Marcello Sacchetta. In first place ranking of singers there is Martina followed equally by Nahaze, Sarah, Lil Jolie, Midda and Kia, Holden and Malia, Ayle. Mida Martina and Holden competed in the unprecedented race and the latter won.

As for the ranking of dancers in first place we find Lucia, who performed with Angelina Mango in La Noia, followed by Marisol (she danced during Irama’s performance) on equal merit with Sofia (she danced together with The Kolors); in third place is Kumo (he performed during Stash’s performance), Giovanni (he danced during Annalisa’s Sincerely) tied with Nicholas (he danced for Maninni). Due to the last place in the ranking it was the shirts of Nicholas and Giovanni were suspended. The improvisation competition it was won by Dustin who had to deal with Kumo and Giovanni; the challenge was judged by the professional dancer Kristian Cellini.

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