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Azerbaijan-Israel establishes embassy in Israel 31 years after diplomatic ties

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Original title: Azerbaijan and Israel established diplomatic relations 31 years ago and established an embassy in Israel

Xinhua News Agency, Jerusalem, March 29 (Reporter Wang Zhuolun and Lu Yingxu) The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on the 29th that Azerbaijan established an embassy in Tel Aviv on the same day.

The statement said that Israeli Foreign Minister Cohen held talks with visiting Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Bayramov on the same day, and the two sides agreed to strengthen cooperation in the fields of economy, security, energy and innovation.

Cohen said in a statement that the opening of the embassy is further evidence of the strength of the relationship between the two countries. He will soon visit Azerbaijan together with a large Israeli economic delegation to further strengthen business ties between the two countries.

The Israeli government press office also issued a statement on the same day that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Bayramov and called the relationship between the two countries “good and close.” The two sides discussed issues such as regional security and expanding bilateral cooperation.

Bayramov said in a televised speech on the same day that the two countries have established a solid relationship on the basis of maintaining dialogue and mutual understanding. About 114 Israeli companies are currently operating in Azerbaijan.

Israel established diplomatic relations with Azerbaijan in 1992 and opened an embassy in Baku the following year. Due to various factors, Azerbaijan has not opened an embassy in Israel for a long time.

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