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“Baldanzi to Roma? I’ll explain”

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“Baldanzi to Roma? I’ll explain”

At Empoli the name of Tommaso Baldanzi is the most talked about. In these last hours of the transfer window, Roma are trying to steal the talent born in 2003 from the Azzurri, to try to give Daniele De Rossi a Dybala assistant. President Fabrizio Corsi spoke directly about the negotiations with the Giallorossi and beyond Tuttomercatoweb. These are his statements: “Let’s see. There are less than 48 hours left until the end of the transfer session, it could be that tomorrow he will be from Empoli and will be decisive for us, but it could also be not. I can’t say exactly what will happen. From Rome they tell us that there is interest, there has been some chatter, but not directly with Roma.”

Empoli, Niang is (almost) official. Baldanzi away? The last

Su Niang. “He is a player who is thought to be able to give us consistency like Cerri has given us. We had a first round with some of the worst numbers in Europe, so the attempt is to remedy this situation. We have Caputo who has a problem for 20 days and we don’t even know if he’ll solve it in a week or in a month. It seems to me that something has already been glimpsed in Nicola’s first two games anyway.”

About Nicola. “The team is dedicated to being more aggressive, more convinced in limiting the opponents and hitting their weaknesses. Everyone has vulnerabilities that small-medium teams like us must focus on to create a volume of play that can annoy them” .

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Su Zurkowski. “We know him well technically and humanly. He’s someone who when he stops could be manager of Empoli because of how passionate he is and how he fits in. But there’s still time (laughs, ed.). This could be the decisive year for him, the one that projects him into a big club because he has always had the potential. He could give us an important hand.”

On Cerri “He is a boy who has come close to Serie A in the past, without ever establishing himself in the category. He has important qualities, we have known him since he was a student in Parma, but he has never had great continuity in Serie A. In Empoli the conditions are right, I hope that motivations will give him the decisive push.”

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