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Bandecchi, I resign as mayor of Terni – News

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Bandecchi, I resign as mayor of Terni – News

Last May Stefano Bandecchi became mayor of Terni almost by surprise. At the helm of that popular Alternative linked to the name of Angelino Alfano he had wrested the city of steel mills from the center-right that led it, leaving behind political giants such as the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement. And again by surprise he announced his resignation (still not registered as the prefect Giovanni Bruno confirmed to ANSA) with a video on Instagram as usual. The face in the foreground, a faint smile and the tone of the voice perhaps lower than usual. He spoke of reasons of a “political nature” and that “this way we will not run the risk of having a Bandecchia dictatorship in Terni”. But many in the city are still wondering why he resigned. In the comments on the post on Instagram and in word of mouth in the city, more than one person has hypothesized a carnival prank.

Video Bandecchi: ‘I resign as mayor of Terni’

“I am resigning because there are people in Terni, in my party, who have understood nothing about politics, about this project, about what I want to build”, however, Bandecchi explained to ANSA. “I remain national secretary of Popular Alternative and – he added – I will be a candidate in the European elections. From tomorrow I will certainly eat anyway. I won’t mention names but in Terni, in Popular Alternative, there are those who have not understood that we are neither the Pd nor Brothers of Italy, but something new. Too bad for them.” It remains to be clarified if and when the resignation will be registered in the protocol. At that point there will be 20 days in which Bandecchi will be able to collect them. If he does not do so, a commissioner will be appointed who will bring the Municipality to the vote, with the Municipal Council dissolved. M5s exponents Thoma De Luca, Emma Pavanelli, Claudio Fiorelli and Luca Simonetti have already spoken of Bandecchi’s “fake resignation” which “holds a city hostage to resolve the internal problems of his party”. The fact remains that the owner of Unicusano said he had “communicated his resignation to the council and all the councilors of Popular Alternative” and posted the video to communicate it “to the citizens”. “I won’t mention names but in Terni, in the Popular Alternative, there are those who haven’t understood that we are neither the Democratic Party nor the Brothers of Italy, but something new.

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Too bad for them” he then underlined with ANSA. In recent months Bandecchi announced the candidacies of AP exponents in the most important Umbrian local authorities to vote in the next electoral round. From the Region to the Municipality of Perugia. Born in Livorno and Roman ‘adoption Bandecchi, 62 years old, was the founder and president of the Niccolò Cusano University and held the position of president of Ternana football. In the months spent as mayor of Terni Bandecchi was at the center of various media storms. “The three gunshots obviously they are a provocation, but no one will take away the fine from those gentlemen who wash their feet in the fountain in Piazza Tacito” he said after publishing an image of them on which he wrote, among other things, that he wanted to place “a traffic policeman sniper. all the teeth fly out of the mouth.” “A normal man looks at a woman’s beautiful ass and maybe even tries. Then if he succeeds… If he doesn’t succeed, he goes home instead” the words pronounced in the City Council no later than a few day ago during the discussion of an act proposed by minorities on gender violence.

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