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Bank Mandiri and BYD Collaborate to Support Electric Vehicles

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Bank Mandiri and BYD Collaborate to Support Electric Vehicles

Bisnis.comJAKARTA – Mandiri Bank further emphasizes the commitment to sustainable economic growth by prioritizing environmentally friendly businesses. One of them is through Bank Mandiri’s support for ecosystem expansion electric vehicle by presenting various banking products and services including financing that can be enjoyed by the public.

This commitment was again realized by Bank Mandiri, through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PT BYD Indonesian Motorcycle. Meanwhile, the signing was carried out by Deputy President Director of Bank Mandiri Alexandra Askandar with General Manager of BYD Asia-Pacific Liu Xueliang at the annual Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2024 in Jakarta, Thursday (15/2).

Alexandra in her speech said that this collaboration was in accordance with Bank Mandiri’s mission to become Indonesia’s Sustainability Champion for a Better Future, which began through supporting environmentally friendly lifestyle changes in society.

“In line with the function of BUMN as an agent of change, Bank Mandiri will provide various financial support and strategic financial services that BYD needs, including optimizing subsidiary companies in the financing sector, namely Mandiri Tunas Finance and Mandiri Utama Finance, in order to strengthen the electric vehicle ecosystem to make it more comprehensive, he explained.

In addition, this collaboration involves facilitating the procurement of operational vehicles, especially electric vehicles from the BYD group, and utilizing digital banking products such as Kopra and Livin’ by Mandiri to strengthen the BYD ecosystem. Not only that, it is hoped that this collaboration will support Indonesia’s transition towards zero carbon emissions (net zero emissions/NZE) by 2060. This includes accelerating Indonesia’s Green Economy, through the development of financing and sustainable financial products.

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“Today’s signing of the MoU is the beginning of a growing collaboration. “Together, Bank Mandiri and BYD will work towards a more sustainable future, where economic growth and environmental preservation go hand in hand,” he added.

As additional information, by the end of December 2023 Bank Mandiri’s total sustainable portfolio has reached IDR 264 trillion with a market share that continues to increase. Of this amount, the green portfolio portion has reached IDR 129 trillion, up 21.4% YoY and the social portfolio has reached IDR 135 trillion, an increase of 10.6% from the previous year’s position.

In total, Bank Mandiri’s sustainable portfolio has succeeded in increasing 15.4% from 2022. “Green financing has been directed to focus on sustainable sectors, such as renewable energy including hydro-powered power plants, geothermal, transportation, and the electric vehicle ecosystem from upstream to downstream.

In line with this, Bank Mandiri has an ESG Desk as a point of contact for customers, especially in the wholesale segment, where we provide sustainable financing solutions such as Green Loans, Sustainability Linked-Loans, and corporate-in-transition financing as well as serving as advisors for corporate customers in making ESG Framework.

About Bank Mandiri
Bank Mandiri is one of the leading banks in Indonesia with financial services to customers covering the Corporate, Institutional Relations, Commercial, Micro & SME, Consumer Banking, Treasury and International Banking business segments. Bank Mandiri is currently synergizing with various subsidiary companies to provide various products and services and support its main businesses, namely: Mandiri Sekuritas (capital market services and services), Bank Syariah Indonesia (syariah banking), Bank Mandiri Taspen/Mantap (MSME credit), AXA-Mandiri Financial Services (life insurance), Mandiri InHealth (health insurance), Mandiri Tunas Finance (financing services), Mandiri Utama Finance (financing services), Mandiri International Remittance (remittances), Mandiri Europe (treasury & bank), and Mandiri Capital Indonesia (venture capital financing).

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In business expansion, Bank Mandiri continues to develop digital banking services and products that are able to meet the various needs of corporate and retail customers. Kopra by Mandiri is a digital solution for national industry that unites corporations to small and medium businesses in a single access digital ecosystem that is very easy and solution, such as Cash Management, Forex, Trade & Guarantee, Supply Chain Management, Virtual Account and integrated financial solutions. based on Application Programming Interface (API). Meanwhile, digital retail services include the Livin’ by Mandiri application, Mandiri e-money prepaid cards, as well as artificial intelligence-based information services Mandiri Intelligent Assistant (MITA) on the official Bank Mandiri WhatsApp account at +62 811-84-14000.

Until December 2023, Bank Mandiri’s network has spread throughout Indonesia, covering 2,243 branch offices, including digital branches (smart branches), and 2,301 micro offices (micro units & kiosks). Bank Mandiri distribution services are also equipped with 13,028 ATM units connected to the ATM Link network, ATM Bersama, ATM Prima and Visa/Plus, Electronic Data Capture (EDC) as well as an e-banking network which includes New Livin’ by Mandiri, SMS Banking and Call Center 14000.

Detailed information about Bank Mandiri can be accessed via www.bankmandiri.co.id

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