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bar italia, review of his album The Twits (2023)

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bar italia, review of his album The Twits (2023)

When someone tells you about three British people lost in Mallorca, the most likely thing is that you glimpse three figures of contrasting milky white-radioactive red, absolutely drunk, staggering through the suffocating heat of Magaluf in search of some balcony from which to scream LAD, THIS IS SO FUCKING MENTAL! But if we specify the context, and this time it is February, and we are in a home recording studio with producer Marta Salogni – who has worked with people like Animal Collective, Black Midi, Romy or Björk -, things change. Inevitably then we have to think about “The Twits” the second album they have released Italian bar this year.

After his debut, “Tracey Denim“, together with Matador Records, return with a second album recorded during the winter of this year. They continue with their moody atmosphere, but with much more indie rock touches than one might expect, as in “worlds greatest emoter”, or in its opening, “my little tony”- that could transport us without much effort to the indie sleaze of the mid 00’– the disc unfolds in 13 cuts. Let the first words be “your pretentious ways make me die a little” They make us think that they are not very interested in what anyone has to say about them, especially musical purism, although they clearly have their niche in their pockets.

In this they perfect the technique of singing like someone who does not make much effort to sing well, or rather, as if each take were the first, without having warmed up the voice much, which gives them a genuine timbre and that dark texture as in “Real house wibes (desperate house vibes)”, “calm down with me,” or en “twist”. Quite an ace in your favor if shoegaze is your thing. And without leaving their range, they even try some relaxed mid-west guitars in “Jelsey”. They even reach a point coming of age con “sound like you had to be there”. One of those albums that you feel that if they catch you at 16 you should become hopelessly obsessed, they would say that “I don’t think that your obsession is a problem”, and live in it until reality becomes comfortable enough that it is not hostile to you.

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