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Barranquilla Carnival 2024: dates, parades and what you need to know

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Barranquilla Carnival 2024: dates, parades and what you need to know

From February 10 to 13, the 2024 Barranquilla Carnival will take place, the cultural event that year after year brings together various artistic expressions of the people of Barranquilla and the Colombian Caribbean. Iconic characters such as marimondas, congos and garabatos will return to the streets to surprise the local public and tourists who will attend the activities that are already traditional in the program. The carnival has been considered Cultural Heritage of the Nation since 2001 and UNESCO named it Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2003, so this edition is special: it marks 20 years of the achievement.

Who are the kings of the carnival?

Melissa Cure Villa, a 25-year-old social communicator, was crowned the queen of the Barranquilla Carnival. The young woman will be present at various events along with the artist Juventino Ojito Palma, the new King Momo. Samia Maloof and Emanuel Angulo are the kings of the children’s carnival.

Parades and more events

The dances, floats and colorful costumes make the Barranquilla Carnival parades a party. The King Momo parade is a celebration in honor of the newly crowned king, Juventino Ojito Palma, and is considered one of the must-see moments of the cultural event. It brings together comparsas, cumbia groups and nearly 300 folk groups that will be performing traditional dances.

The Battle of Flowers is another of the most emblematic parades of the weekend. In 2024, 18 floats and 47 musical cars will participate, and it will also be led by the queen, Melissa Cure, who will pay tribute to the relationship dance known as the Empire of the Birds. The closing parade is that of Joselito, one of the carnival characters most loved by the public. According to the story, José is a man who goes to the carnival and is found unconscious after so many days of partying. Believing him dead, a funeral procession with overtones of parody is held in which his multiple widows and other mourners participate.


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Another essential activity is the Orchestra Night, which in this edition will feature the participation of artists such as Maía, Charlie Gómez, Simón Char and Verónica Vanegas, as well as 24 musical groups that will perform genres such as champeta, salsa, vallenato, tropical, folkloric and Meringue. Nor can we miss the Litany Festival, whose purpose is to celebrate the oral tradition that is part of the history of the carnival. In this event, verses are recited that satirize themes and characters on the local and national agenda of the year.

The complete program

  • February 9: Coronation of Queen and King Momo
  • February 10: Battle of Flores
  • February 10: King Momo Parade
  • February 10: Orchestra Night
  • February 11: Great Tradition Parade
  • February 11: Litany Festival
  • February 12: Great Parade of Comparsas
  • February 12: Comedy meeting
  • February 13: Joselito Parade

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