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Barroca Zona Sul celebrates its 50th anniversary with a parade marked by exemplary plasticity and technique

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Barroca Zona Sul celebrates its 50th anniversary with a parade marked by exemplary plasticity and technique

By Lucas Sampaio and photos by Fábio Martins

Barroca Zona Sul held its parade on Friday at the Anhembi Sambadrome for the 2024 carnival. The technical excellence of the group combined with Pixulé’s great performance on the sound car and the good visual ensemble were the highlights of the parade. Faculdade do Samba was the second school to perform as part of the Special Group, closing the gates after one hour and three minutes.

Front commission

The front committee entitled “Máquina do Tempo” performed in two acts marked by samba passages. Using the allegorical element as a stage, the issue had as its protagonist the founding stalwart of the school, Pé Rachado, in two phases of his life. The young woman, coming from the countryside, working in the upper part of the allegory, while in the lower part the eternal samba artist remembers his memories from the moment the school was founded. The two moments of Pé Rachado intersect at a given moment, and the scenography is used precisely to change the stage through a rotating mechanism, where the artist’s visit to Mangueira is portrayed, which served as inspiration for the founding of the Faculdade do Samba Barroca South Zone, ending everything with the school’s first parade.

The performance of the scenic group excited the audience, who applauded each change of act and the notable moments of the choreography. The artists who played Pé Rachado were able to convey the emotion of the samba singer’s life journey, and were fundamental to the understanding and beauty of the entire ensemble. The only note to be made is that the actress who played a Baroque flag bearer had a problem with the frame of her skirt in the second judging module, but that was resolved in subsequent modules.

Master Room and Flag Bearer

The first Barroca couple, formed by Marquinhos and Lenita, performed in costumes in reference to the godmother of the Faculdade do Samba, the Rio school Mangueira. The master of the room performed in costume in reference to the samba artist Cartola, while the flag bearer represented a flower. In the second judging module, Marquinhos took a moment to help Lenita unfurl the pavilion, and in the first two modules the couple seemed to have difficulty evolving, with movements that were not very fluid on the part of the flag bearer. From the third onwards, however, the duo’s performance improved considerably, and they had a great performance in the final part.

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“We were born and raised among shaky people. That’s why we are Faculdade do Samba. 50 years of Barroca Zona Sul” was the plot presented by Verde e Rosa at the 2024 carnival, celebrating its golden jubilee. The ease of reading that the set of Baroque fantasies and allegories presented is a rare surprise in self-homage plots. The different phases of the school, including references to plots from all periods of the school, even the most delicate ones, gave the feeling of being in front of a school that is aware of its experience and knows well what made it get to where it is today. at the time. It is to be expected that the judges will be satisfied with the story presented on Avenida.


The Baroque performed with a set of four allegories and a quadripod. The Abre-alas car was called “A Faculdade do Samba”, the second allegory was entitled “In the times of Avenida Tiradentes”, the third “The magic of the Verde and Rosa gardens” and the last “Barroca, the Phoenix of Carnival” . The quadripod, which paraded between cars two and three, was named “Tribute to the Borjão bastion”.

With the exception of a small problem with the mobile light cannons of the Abre-alas car, which passed through the observation point unlit, the allegorical set as a whole presented good plastic finishing and creative solutions, such as the way to present the name of the school to the front of the first car, the LED projectors that illuminated the phoenix in the last allegory and a real car positioned in front of the third car. The allegories were very easy to read and represented well each moment in the history of the school that they proposed to symbolize. The last car, even with a smaller volume than the others, had exciting elements that symbolize the current phase of the school since the start after winning the Access Group in 2019, with a group of children representing the future that the group is looking forward to.


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The set of costumes in the Barroque wings almost entirely symbolized plots that Verde e Rosa presented throughout its history. The exceptions were four of them: the Ala das Baianas, which paid homage to Mangueira, the godmother school of Faculdade do Samba, the drums, which paid tribute to Pé Rachado, the wing that opened the last sector, which made reference to the sprint that brought the association back to the Special Group and the last one that celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.

The proposal to use historical parades to illustrate the wings proved to be successful as it allowed an easy reading of its proposals and well stitched together the narrative of the plot. The lightness of the set allowed the paraders to play carnival with excitement, the only necessary note being in part of the costumes in the Bahian wing, where props representing stars ended up getting tangled up in each other.


The excitement shown by the Barroca members drew attention throughout the parade. The samba singing, which performed well throughout the season, was once again highlighted. Excited wings, happy to showcase the history of Faculdade do Samba, without drops in level throughout all the modules in which they were observed. Highlights include the section that represented the parade marking 75 years of Japanese immigration, which featured particularly lively members.


The fiftieth anniversary of Barroca Zona Sul was celebrated on the Avenue to the sound of samba performed by the partnership formed by Thiago Meiners, Claudio Mattos, Sukata, Cacá Camargo, Fernando Negão, Pixulé, Turko, Rafa do Cavaco, Júlio Alves, Rodrigo Alves, Wilson Mineiro and Dilson Marimba, and was defended by the musical wing led by the interpreter Pixulé. The performance of samba on the Avenue contributed significantly to the good performance of Faculdade do Samba, with Pixulé masterfully defending the work along the entire Avenue. The lyrics are easy to understand and tell the story of Barroca in a faithful and pleasant way.

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The lightness with which Barroca Zona Sul presented itself is worthy of celebrating such a landmark anniversary. All the elements moved along the Avenue calmly, without needing to accelerate the pace to close the gates after an hour and three minutes of parade. Technically impeccable, Barroca can be proud of what it managed to achieve at Anhembi in 2024.

Other Highlights

The “Tudo Nosso” drums, commanded by master Fernando Negão, had a great performance throughout the parade, including well-applied bossas that especially lifted the audience in the Monumental stands, who enthusiastically applauded the passage of the Barroque rhythmists. Queen Juju Salimeni reigned supreme in front of the rhythmists with a costume that symbolized the 50th anniversary of Faculdade do Samba. Ala das Baianas also drew attention with its costume in honor of its mother school Mangueira, which sought to reproduce the symbol of the Rio de Janeiro association.

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