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Bataclan trial, new show by Salah Abdeslam: it lashes out against the victims

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PARIS – “Will the victims in Syria and Iraq be able to speak? You say that we are presumed innocent, but we are already condemned, even if I do not recognize your justice”. On the second day of trial, the unrepentant jihadist Salah Abdeslam continues his provocations on a show that many of the victims’ families would have preferred not to see.

“I remain a fighter”. The terrorist does not regret the Bataclan massacre

by our correspondent Anais Ginori

The terrorist who survived the massacres of November 13, 2015, who defined himself as a “fighter of the Islamic State” in front of the magistrates, again broke the procedure, deciding to intervene several times, putting the patience of the President of the Court of Assizes to the test , Jean-Louis Périès, who already on the first day of the trial had to specify: “We are not in an ecclesiastical court, we are in a democratic court”.

After disputing the legitimacy of the presence in the courtroom of the victims’ relatives as civil parties, Abdeslam attempted to exonerate some of the 14 defendants who are at the stand with him, in particular his friends from Moleenbek, a district of Brussels, Mohammed Amri, Hamza Attou and Ali Oulkadi: “They did me favors but they knew nothing” of the attacks, “they did nothing”, he insisted.

The president of the court ended up asking to remove the microphone of the accused, adding: “You have had five years to explain yourself, you did not want to make statements, as is your right. Now I understand that you would like to do so, and it is a very good thing. , but it’s not the time. “

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So far Abdeslam has always refused to speak with the magistrates, for a long time he did not even want to be defended by a lawyer. During another trial in Brussels, the Belgian-Moroccan did not shut himself up in silence. In his debut in the Palais de Justice in Paris he decided instead to challenge the rules and magistrates, invoking Allah as “the only god” and then complaining that he was treated – he and the other prisoners – “like dogs”.

Bataclan massacre, Hollande: “I was struck by the monstrosity of the attack. But let’s not fear the truth “

by our correspondent Anais Ginori

In intelligence, one of the hypotheses on Abdeslam’s new defensive line is that it is sending signals to the outside, in a climate of renewed tension for the international context with the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan. A report by the prison administration on the behavior in detention of the terrorist – released by the site Mediapart – showed how the Belgian-Moroccan, far from the silence that characterized him during interrogations, was very busy proselytizing, preaching radical Islam to others. inmates.

There are a dozen episodes cited in the report: “He uses his media coverage – we read – to influence other prisoners and give them religious indications”. He managed to “preach” and give “doctrine lessons” even speaking from the window to other inmates, indicating the practices to be followed.


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