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“Beat the best”: Evelyn Burdecki drives Elton crazy

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“Beat the best”: Evelyn Burdecki drives Elton crazy

The big season finale of “Schlag den Besten” takes place on Saturday evening (March 16th). Evelyn Burdecki is also there – and the trash TV icon drives presenter Elton crazy!

Evelyn Burdecki is known for her lively and loud nature – and this really annoys Elton in “Schlag den Besten”. The 35-year-old simply does what she wants.

+++“Beat the best” on RTL: The station is now taking stock+++

“Beat the best”: Burdecki undermines all the rules of the game

As RTL reported in advance, Burdecki doesn’t really listen to Elton when he explains the games. But that’s not all: the ex-“Bachelor” candidate simply interprets the rules of the game in her favor, while maintaining her usual funny and charming manner.

+++Anna-Carina Woitschack drops the TV bombshell – “Face me with a sporting challenge”+++

In the duel against ex-weightlifter Matthias Steiner, Burdecki is supposed to transport toothbrushes from one glass to the next using the cap umbrella. Elton has barely finished explaining the rules of the game when Burdecki knocks the structure of the game off the table! Of course that wasn’t intentional.

“Beat the best”: Burdecki doesn’t listen to Elton again

And the little faux pas can’t stop her at first: the influencer wins the first round – big cheers! But wait a minute. The mega cheers came too early. Evelyn would have had to win three rounds to win the game. She probably just didn’t really listen to Elton.

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And in the game “Disgrace or Cash in?”, where she competes against “Let’s Dance” jury member Jorge González, she doesn’t listen properly and also answers too slowly. Elton needs nerves of steel with the ex-jungle queen. To make up for her nerve attacks, Elton at least gets a kiss on the cheek.

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“Schlag den Besten” runs on Saturday evening (March 16th) from 8:15 p.m. on RTL or in the RTL+ media library.

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