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“Beat the best”: Reality star Calvin Kleinen suddenly multi-talented | Entertainment

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“Beat the best”: Reality star Calvin Kleinen suddenly multi-talented |  Entertainment

In the first episode of “Schlag den Besten” on Saturday evening, several celebrities tried to get a place in the final.

However, one of them in particular stood out.

“It has something of the South African burrowing buffalo”

In the classic “Disgrace or Cash in”, as always with presenter Elton (52), reality star Calvin Kleinen (31) plays against actor Timothy Boldt (33).

Commentator Frank “Buschi” Buschmann (59) warns: “Calvin Kleinen is special. I have the feeling you’re underestimating the guy.” Nevertheless, it’s not enough for the little ones in this round, and he also loses in football against ex-bachelor Paul Janke (42).

Commentator Frank “Buschi” Buschmann is impressed with Calvin Kleinen

Photo: RTL / Steffen Z Wolf

Buschi is having a lot of fun with the puffing kicker: “When the little one dribbles, it has something of the South African burrowing buffalo.” When it comes to “separating toilet paper” against Lucas Cordalis (56), things go better. Little one grabs 10,000 euros and makes the studio go wild. Buschmann: “Calvin Kleinen. Already the audience favorite of the first episode.”

In the next round, René Caselly (27) and Calvin have to identify which German celebrities have been rejuvenated with AI. Buschmann warns again: “René, don’t underestimate me as a crazy person!”

Funny men’s group (from left): Calvin Kleinen, presenter Elton and René Casselly

Photo: RTL / Steffen Z Wolf

Caselly promptly claims in an AI-generated image of presenter Markus Lanz (54): “That’s Brad Pitt!” However, Helge Schneider (68), Angela Merkel (69) and even Uli Hoeneß (72) recognize Kleinen straight away and grab them the next round victory.

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30,000 euros for the little ones – and maybe a place in the final

When “pouring”, glasses have to be filled from a lofty height. After this is already in full swing, Little One asks irritably: “What is the goal of the game?” Buschi can hardly believe it: “Whoever has more liquid in their glasses! He stands there and after more than a minute he asks: How are you and why?”

Hard to believe – even without a plan from the rules of the game, Kleinen defeated his competitor Benjamin Melzer (37). The commentator is also floored: “Have you ever peed at a target?” Kleinen is now at 30,000 euros and is on a par with Janke.

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However, he drops out of the next round of “screwing,” which he would have to play against handball player Pascal “Pommes” Hens (43): “Handball gives him a lot of strength in his forearms. Have you ever hit that?”

Next week more celebrities will fight for a place in the final.

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