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Behind the “Zero Infection” and “Zero Accidents” on the horse: artificial intelligence assists elite soldiers and strong generals to guard – Xinhua English.news.cn

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Behind the “Zero Infection” and “Zero Accidents” on the horse: artificial intelligence assists elite soldiers and strong generals to guard – Xinhua English.news.cn

Behind the launch of “zero infection” and “zero accident”: artificial intelligence helps elite soldiers guardFly into the homes of ordinary people

Caption: Photo courtesy of SenseTime Digital Sentinel Service Shanghai Marathon

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Gao Yang) Shanghai released news yesterday: As of 7:30 on November 30, all participants and staff of the 26th Shanghai Marathon had completed nucleic acid testing after the race, and the results were all negative, realizing the “epidemic” The goal of running the competition is “zero infection” and “zero accident” for safety. Behind this is the sweat of many staff members and the contribution of “black technology” in epidemic prevention.

Efficiently complete the inspection of 18,000 people

From the launch of the runner’s face recognition system at the registration stage to the use of online appointments to receive equipment, from the epidemic prevention requirements not to leave Shanghai after receiving the goods, to the nucleic acid test 48 hours after the race, the return to the track after two years brings A stricter and more detailed epidemic prevention plan has been adopted than before.

The inspection and epidemic prevention tasks on the day of the game are even more big tests. Within 2 hours before the start of the race, the staff needs to complete large-scale, high-density identity verification and quarantine for 18,000 participants in dimly lit scenes, which means that at least 2.5 people need to be completed every second, which has great impact on system stability and Accuracy is a great challenge.

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To this end, SenseTime teamed up with Shanghai Dengshi Security to provide 60 sets of six sets of “non-contact temperature measurement + fast pass with mask + health code verification + vaccine information verification + nucleic acid information verification + witness consistency verification” for the event. A series of digital sentries with all functions in one, players only need to pass through once without feeling, and the registration information and related health status can be accurately verified, helping the participants to pass the inspection efficiently and enter the battle easily.

With the blessing of SenseTime’s original AI algorithm, this series of digital sentinels has an accurate recognition rate, and runners can pass quickly without even taking off their masks, hats and glasses, fully meeting the strict requirements of getting on a horse. At the same time, the series of digital sentries also support low-light starlight sensors and infrared fill light, and can work without fill light in dark light scenes. In addition, the product also has outstanding waterproof performance, even if there is occasional heavy rain on the game day, it can also guarantee smooth progress.

The reporter was informed that this series of digital sentinels have been put into use on a large scale in many public places such as government and enterprise parks, airports, libraries, cultural and art centers, and various community activity centers in China.

Caption: The medical staff of Dongfang Hospital provided medical insurance for the contestants. Photo courtesy of the interviewees

Launched service guarantee for 12 consecutive years

Since 2010, the Dongfang Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University has provided high-quality medical service guarantee for the contestants in Shanghai for 12 consecutive years.

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It is reported that this year, Shangma Medical Insurance received a total of 115 patients, 91 males and 23 females; 10 were slightly injured, 0 were seriously injured, and 1 was transferred to another hospital. The main diagnoses of patients were convulsions, injuries, sprains, hypoglycemia, dizziness, fatigue, and convulsions.

The 57 medical staff who provided medical insurance at the terminal this year are all from the National Emergency Medical Rescue Team of Dongfang Hospital, which is composed of emergency internal medicine, critical care medicine, emergency surgery, thoracic surgery, infection department, and gastroenterology. Regarding the allocation of medical security supplies, Dongfang Hospital dispatched 3 special rescue vehicles—surgical vehicles, lightly wounded transfer vehicles, and material transfer vehicles, in order to conduct on-site surgery or transfer rescue for the wounded in time, and are equipped with monitors, defibrillators, etc. Instruments, simple respirators and other equipment, and worked together to successfully complete the medical security task.

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