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Beijing’s activism worries the White House. “With the Chinese peace plan we risk ending up in the corner”

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Beijing’s activism worries the White House.  “With the Chinese peace plan we risk ending up in the corner”

“The United States is afraid to be cornered by the peace plan Chinese”. This is it, according to what the US agency reconstructs Bloomberg, citing administration officials, the mood at the White House. Regardless of Washington’s assessments, openly rejecting the plan would allow China to argue that the US is not interested in ending hostilities and thus attract the sympathy of the states that are tired of war and its economic consequences. If the United States rejects the agreement, “China probably it will intensify the message about the White House’s opposition to peace“, he has declared Bonny Lin, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies and former Pentagon official.

Beijing is back from a important diplomatic success in the role of mediator for the rapprochement of Saudi Arabia and Iran, historically hostile countries that have agreed to start a process of normalization of their relations. Both Riyadh and Tehran are not participating in Western sanctions against Russia. Saudi is one of the first suppliers of crude oil to China and refines much of the oil arriving from Moscow. Iran would also supply the Kremlin with weapons and would receive Western bombs “captured” in Ukraine by the Russian army to subject them to reverse engineering processes and then develop similar ones.

The other Asian heavyweight, l’India, in turn did not join the Western line against Moscow. He has increased, with great profit, the purchases of hydrocarbons. His ruling class has a very pragmatic vision of relations with other powers, with the vision of a growing multipolarity and a progressive decline of US unilateralism. Latin Americastarting with Brazil and Argentina, maintains a position of non-alignment and Honduras has indeed recently strengthened its ties with Beijing.

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US officials harbor deep skepticism about China‘s peace proposal. As well as conceived the request for a ceasefire would repay the Kremlin’s moves, consolidating its territorial conquests obtained so far. In this sense they have expressed themselves publicly. In private though, he writes Bloomberg, the proposal followed ai talks between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping it has provoked a sense of unease, causing the administration to question the US approach to Russia and China. Indeed, the two countries have also pledged to further strengthen their partnership. China-Russia trade will exceed i 200 billion dollars and the construction of the second gas pipeline continues Power of Siberia which will allow part of the exports previously destined for Western Europe to be moved to China

The more relations between China and the US deteriorate“the more likely it is that Beijing will try to strain relations between the United States and its allies“, he comments Melanie Sisson, foreign policy researcher at the Brookings Institution. At the end of the month the Spanish premier Pedro Sánchez he will travel to China, invited by Xi Jinping, to also discuss options for Ukraine. Sanchez specified today that his intention is to share with Beijing the western location, which does not provide for the recognition of territories to Russia. However, the channels of discussion and diplomacy with Europe are being strengthened.

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