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Belarus is clearing refugee camps on the border

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BRUZGI (Belarus-Poland border) – The Belarusian authorities cleared the two main migrant camps on the border with Poland, taking those who had remained camped in the woods to nearby warehouses. This was reported by the Belarusian state press agency Belta.

“A sweater in the desert the dictator’s bait”: this is how Lukashenko deceived the migrants

by our correspondent Giampaolo Visetti

If the news is confirmed it would represent a major development in the border crisis that has resulted in a heavy East-West confrontation in recent weeks as migrants desperately tried to cross the border.

European countries accuse Belarus of deliberately creating the crisis by bringing in migrants from the Middle East and forcing them to attempt to illegally cross the borders with Poland and Lithuania. Minsk denied.

Natalya Eismont, spokesperson for the Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko, he said there are currently around 7,000 migrants in Belarus and only around 2,000 are in a camp on the border with Poland. Eismont specified that Lukashenko told the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, that the EU must “create a humanitarian corridor for the 2 thousand refugees in the camp”, while Minsk, for its part, will work to ensure that the remaining 5 thousand migrants can return to their countries of origin.

The European Union tightens sanctions against Minsk. And Poland announces: “In December the wall”

by our correspondent Claudio Tito

“Even today we are fulfilling our obligations”, added the spokesperson, highlighting how “unfortunately only about 400 refugees have agreed to return home. To be precise, there are 374 passengers on the plane that left today, mostly citizens. Iraqis “.

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The number of refugees who died at the border rises to at least 12. A Polish humanitarian organization reported the death of a 1-year-old child who was found lifeless in a forest. His parents, injured and rescued, from Syria, had been in the forest for six weeks, according to Polish Emergency Medical Team, an NGO cited by various international media.

Refugees have camped in makeshift shelters at the border, without services and heated facilities, in freezing temperatures. Belarusian authorities on Tuesday proposed moving the people to a nearby warehouse, with heating, mattresses, water and hot meals.

The West is using the migration crisis on the Belarus-Poland border to put pressure on Minsk. The Russian president said so Vladimir Putin. “One cannot help but see that Western countries are using the migration crisis at the border as a new source of tension in a region close to us, to put pressure on Minsk,” he said at a meeting of the council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Russian foreign. He brings it back Interfax.


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