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Belarus, Minsk clears the field at the border, one year old child died

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Under pressure from local authorities, the camp for migrants brought together by the Belarusian regime on the border with Poland, next to the Kuznica crossing, was emptied, confirming the change of pace in Minsk on the crisis that the regime has triggered. The eviction was confirmed by Polish border guards, according to the Guardian. Meanwhile, the 13th victim since the massive transfer of refugees to the Polish border began: he is a one-year-old Syrian child. Together with her family, reports the Polish Center for International Aid, she had remained in the forest without shelter for six weeks. The causes of death are not specified.

According to the Polish rescuers, who intervened on the spot last night, the parents of the child were both injured: the father had an injury to his arm, while the mother a knife to the leg. During the intervention, adds the NGO, a young man in conditions of dehydration and malnutrition was also rescued.

This morning, in the camp set up by the Belarusian forces in a hurry in recent days, only the remains of the tents remained, abandoned clothes. A spokesman for Aleksandr Lukashenko announced a phone call from the Belarusian president with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in which the creation of a humanitarian corridor for Germany for 2 thousand migrants was agreed. In exchange, Minsk agreed to repatriate 5,000 other migrants. The spokesperson also said that the first 431 Iraqi migrants had been repatriated. The others “categorically refused to leave,” he added.

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