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Ben Zucker surprises Florian Silbereisen with a song

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Ben Zucker surprises Florian Silbereisen with a song

What’s the best way to surprise a musician? Of course with music! And did exactly that Ben Sugar at “The big hit surprise for Florian Silbereisen” for his Schlager colleague and friend and presented a song that he wrote specifically for Florian Silbereisen had written. Ben Zucker had his big breakthrough in a show in 2017.

Actually, the singer with the grating voice had just come from the stage where he was performing his song “Not today!” thrilled the audience. After the two singers warmly greeted each other, said Barbara Schönebergerwhich led through the surprise evening, the promising sentence: “Ben, you didn’t just come to sing ONE song.” That was the cue for Ben Zucker, who quickly returned to the stage, where a large piano was already waiting. Of course, Barbara Schöneberger was happy to explain to the slightly puzzled Florian Silbereisen what would happen next:

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