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Berbok was not greeted at the airport in India Info

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Berbok was not greeted at the airport in India  Info

An unexpected situation occurred after the landing of the plane of German Foreign Minister Analene Berbock.

Source: Tweet/Jörg Blank

“Foreign Minister Berbock landed in New Delhi for the G20 meeting. She was greeted by Indian protocol and Ambassador Ackerman”, writes Jorg Blank, correspondent of the German News Agency, about the video that appeared on Twitter, in which Berbokova gets off the plane – there is no official welcome, no red carpet and everything that should be included in the welcome according to protocol.

In the video, Berbock can be seen exiting the German Air Force plane, and as he descends the stairs, he appears slightly annoyed.. It seems that for a moment she is not clear where she should go now, according to News.de. However, after a few seconds, Philip Ackermann, the German ambassador to India, runs up to Berbokova and greets her warmly, according to the German portal.

The video of Berbokova met with divided opinions on social networks. “The admissions committee is a little late, isn’t it?” asked one Twitter user wryly. “Pretty misplaced,” says another. “She does it well, even if they greet her and pick her up too late. She is handling the situation well. Very friendly, confident. Perfect,” said another tweet. “No red carpet! She got off the plane faster than the protocol intended,” one Twitter user commented on the German minister.

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