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Bernardo Bello: who is the wanted bookie in RJ – 03/07/2024 – Daily Life

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Bernardo Bello: who is the wanted bookie in RJ – 03/07/2024 – Daily Life

An operation by the Civil Police and the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro launched this Thursday (7) targets an old target: Bernardo Bello Pimentel Barboza. Appointed as one of the bosses of the animal game in Rio, the offender is investigated in cases of murders of rivals and enemies.

The police are once again seeking to arrest Bernardo Bello in an action against money laundering from the criminal organization allegedly commanded by him. This is the fifth outstanding arrest warrant against the bicheiro, who is considered a fugitive from justice.

Lawyer James Walker, who defended Bello in five investigations in which the offender is being investigated, told reporters this Thursday that he has left his former client, who is currently without a representative.

Bernardo Bello reached the leadership position in the game after breaking up with his wife Tamara Harrouche Garcia, daughter of Waldermir Paes Garcia, known as Maninho. The patriarch of the Garcia family was murdered in September 2004. As a result, the Garcia crime network would be inherited by his brother, Alcebíades Paes Garcia, known as Bid.

Bid was killed on February 25, 2020, and Bernardo Bello is named as the mastermind of the crime. The case was one of those that marked the gambling war in Rio. According to investigations by the Capital Homicide Police Station, Bid’s murder was motivated by disputes over misdemeanor points and the exploitation of slot machines in the city.

Bello is also suspected of trying to kill Shanna Harrouche Garcia, his ex-sister-in-law.

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In the midst of the fight over the misdemeanor business, the bicheiro also presided over the Unidos de Vila Isabel samba school.

In January 2022, already identified as having ordered Bid’s death, the offender was arrested by Interpol in Colombia. Bernardo Bello’s name appeared in Red Diffusion, classified as a “dangerous” and “violent” fugitive. In this case, the Court accepted the complaint from the Rio Public Prosecutor’s Office and made the bicheiro a defendant.

Bello was detained for four months, obtained a habeas corpus and returned to Brazil, responding freely to Bid’s death.

At the time, it was determined that he would appear in court every two months and would be prohibited from leaving his home without authorization or changing his address. The Prosecutor’s Office, however, accused Bello of failing to comply with the precautionary measures imposed since the end of November 2022, when he was considered a fugitive in another case.

In this investigation he was accused of being one of the leaders of misdemeanors in Rio and was the target of Operation End of Line, by the Public Ministry. The action focused on repressing corruption and money laundering crimes arising from gambling. He was also not located at the time.

The offender is also wanted on suspicion of having ordered the death of a lawyer in Niterói, in the metropolitan region of Rio, in May 2022. According to the complaint, lawyer Carlos Daniel Dias André became the target of the bookie after mediating a conflict against Allan Diego Magalhães Aguiar, financial arm of the offender’s criminal organization and Bello’s former brother-in-law.

The lawyer was attacked in an ambush on the morning of May 31, 2022, when he was stopped at a traffic light in the Piratininga neighborhood, in Niterói. He was inside his armored car, but was hit by gunfire through a gap in the passenger window, which was open — the shots came from two men on a motorcycle. The lawyer’s son was in the vehicle, but was not injured.

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In March 2023, Justice issued another arrest warrant against Bernardo Bello, for money laundering.

In July last year, Bello’s name was associated with the deaths of councilwoman Marielle Franco and driver Anderson Gomes, which occurred on March 14, 2018. In his plea bargain agreement, former PM Élcio de Queiroz said that the group led by Bello would have provided both the cell phone used by Ronnie Lessa —seen as the author of the shots at Marielle and Anderson— and the silver Chevrolet Cobalt vehicle driven by the ex-PM himself on the day of the crime.

Élcio signed a collaboration agreement after the Federal Police reinforced the evidence of his participation in the crime as Lessa’s driver — the two have been in prison since 2019. The Public Ministry and the PF are still investigating the information provided by the whistleblower.

This Thursday, the Secretary of Civil Police, Marcus Amim, stated that he is working with the hypothesis that Bernardo Bello is outside Rio and even outside Brazil. “We are working around the clock to arrest not only him, but also his accomplices,” he said.

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