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Besmaya and Sidonie team up in “Instant”

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Besmaya and Sidonie team up in “Instant”

“Instante” is a love song that unites the well-known and consolidated Sidonie with the promising Besmaya. A generational meeting that has led to a song that will undoubtedly be sung at the bands’ future concerts.

The single will be part of “New Slogans”, of which we already know “Automóviles”, “El cable”, “Gas” and “Tu carita”. All of them were performed last December at the OCHOYMEDIO venue in Madrid, a concert in which the band demonstrated the great connection it has with its audience, as well as the great acceptance of the new singles and the direction the new album is taking.

This new collaboration, created jointly by the two bands and produced by the popular producer Paco Salazar, through guitar pop presents us with a love letter to someone with the ability to make you feel complete and the importance of this person in your life. A very romantic message shared through a casual and melodic channel.

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