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Beto Arango, participant of ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’, has a brother who acts in ‘Rigo’: who is he?

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Beto Arango, participant of ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’, has a brother who acts in ‘Rigo’: who is he?

Beto Arango and the secret he has with one of Rigo’s characters to enter ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ – credit Canal RCN

The house of the famous Colombia officially began and the public, apparently, still cannot get over the fact that several of the invited celebrities have been retired from the recording sets for some time.

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There is talk of some cases such as that of Naren Daryanani, who became recognized for his participation in the series Fathers and Children, or figures such as Martha Isabel Bolaños, who was recently part of MasterChef Celebrity. However, there is a name that, although it appeared on television for some time, today remains on the theater stage for longer or appears in small roles.

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Beto and Julián Arango are brothers in real life. On occasions, they have shared the recording sets, as well as the passion for acting – credit @beto_arango/Instagram

This is Beto Arango, who recently had the bad luck of being the second nominee due to the few votes he received from the public. But what some do not know is that the comedian is also close to one of the most loved and hated actors on television: Julián Arango.

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Although some may not remember it, Alberto Beto Arango was also part of Rigo’s production, along with his brother Julián. Also remembered for his impeccable performance as Hugo Lombardi in Yo soy Betty, la fea, Arango plays the most hated villain in history, who has tried by all means to make life impossible for Urán.

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On the other hand, although both have dedicated themselves to the world of acting, it has been Julián Arango who has managed to shine the most on television, giving life to important characters. Beto Arango, for his part, has been fully dedicated to theater.

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Now, the two are part of the ranks of Canal RCN in the prime strip and attracting the attention of the public.

Julián Arango as ‘Guadaña’ in ‘El cartel de los sapos’ – credit Colprensa

Some of the productions in which Julián Arango participated were: Perro amor (1998); The Useless (2001); The poster (2008); The Mafia Dolls (2009) and Operación Jaque (2010), to name a few.

On the night of the premiere of the reality show that promised to revolutionize television in the country, despite the fact that there were serious errors in production, the surprises they had in store for the entry of the contestants were also shown. The first of them is that they saved six names for the welcome gala, being Sandra Muñoz, Naren Daryanani, Johana Velandia, known in the world of entertainment as Una gorda hay, Alfredo Redes, Beto Arango and Juan David Zapata (former Desafío) the that remained to be revealed.

They are the 22 participants of ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ – credit @lacasadelosfamososcolombia1 / Instagram

Among the already confirmed participants were:

  • Martha Isabel Bolaños.
  • Diana Angel.
  • Sebastian Gutierrez.
  • Natalia Segura, known as La Segura.
  • Julian Trujillo.
  • Ornella Sierra.
  • Miguel Melfi.
  • Omar Murillo.
  • José Miel.
  • Camilo Diaz.
  • Isabella Santiago.
  • Karen Sevillano
  • Nataly Umaña.
  • Mafe Walker.
  • Isabella Sierra.
  • Kevin Fuentes ‘Pantera’.
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Viewers have noticed the errors in the transmission of the two episodes of ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ – credit Infobae Colombia

Carla Giraldo, in the middle of the transmission, her nerves played tricks on her – and perhaps the lack of coordination of the production team – was the protagonist of a mistake when taking a sip of water and everything was seen live and direct. In the second chapter it was no exception, since comments on social networks indicated that they paid ViX Premium to be able to see the live shows and, instead, they saw Cristina Hurtado recording the commercials of the day.

In that same episode the error also occurred, as Cristina Hurtado sent commercials before telling the convicted man, and Carla probably did not notice the fact and interrupted her set partner to say that “we better reveal the name after a commercial break ”. Added to this is the short time that post-commercials established to reveal the second sentence, leaving the transmission halfway.

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