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Between Macron and Algeria, a long and unpleasant history – Le Monde

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Between Macron and Algeria, a long and unpleasant history – Le Monde

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French President Emmanuel Macron’s arrival in Algeria on Thursday 25 August for a three-day visit dominated the headlines on the website of Le Monde on Thursday evening. The French newspaper Le Monde emphasized that there is a long and unpleasant history between Macron and Algeria. The French president, who is on an “official and goodwill visit” to the capital Algiers and the country’s second-largest city Oran, wants to restart bilateral relations marked by the crisis in the past.

The French newspaper Le Monde pointed out that Macron, who visited the capital Algiers while also visiting Oran, the second largest city, showed that he “wanted to address the whole country”. French High Priest Haïm Korsia was supposed to accompany Macron on the visit, and this was the first time such an escort visit, but Haïm Korsia did not attend the event, he explained. Said he had tested positive for Covid-19.

Le Monde also pointed out that Macron’s visit to Algeria is not a “state visit”, but an “official goodwill visit”. A related article in the paper states that in Paris, when it comes to French-Algeria relations, we will choose words when describing Macron’s August 25-27 trip to Algeria. French and Algerian authorities both see Macron’s trip to Algeria as a “first step” after months of bickering. “Both presidents believe that this is the right choice for this period. We can expect a two-way state visit between the two countries in the future,” the French presidency said.

Relations between France and Algeria experienced a cold snap in September 2021, when Macron criticized Algeria’s “political-military” system for continuing to profit from the commemoration of Algeria’s war of independence. And this time, Macron’s official visit to Algeria hopes to move towards “youth and the future” and “rebuild” bilateral relations. According to the Elysee Palace, the French presidential palace, a large delegation will accompany President Macron on his visit this time. Macron will meet twice with the Algerian President before heading to Austria, the country’s second largest city and a city with “cultural characteristics”. orchid. Going to Oran is Macron’s personal “wish” to show that when Macron went to Algeria, he not only went to the capital, “he wanted to speak to the whole country”. French high priest Heim Corcia, who was supposed to accompany Macron on his visit, announced that he had tested positive for the new crown and had to give up.

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News of the French delegation’s visit on the streets of Algiers sparked far less enthusiasm than Macron’s first visit five years ago, said Le Monde’s correspondent in Algeria. The reason is that the remarks made by the French head of state in a column in Le Monde about a year ago about Algeria’s political system, especially about the existence of the “Algerian nation” before French colonization, were controversial. Although the French president later expressed “regret”, the Algerian public opinion did not turn the page completely.

A few weeks ago, Algeria celebrated the 60th anniversary of its independence, with some expecting a symbolic gesture from President Macron between the visit, “such as the return of colonial archives” and so on.

Macron’s visit is also aimed at breathing new life into the economic and commercial partnership between France and Algeria, given all the commitments that Macron made during his first visit to Algeria as French head of state in December 2017. Promises, not all fulfilled.

In the post-coronavirus era, and in the context of wars on European soil, Algeria’s businesspeople hope to benefit. One expert cited by Le Monde noted that Algeria could benefit from Europe’s desire to shift its economic activity to Algeria or the Mediterranean basin. The era when everything was made in China is coming to an end soon. “

Another expert said the Algerian business community was expecting a new approach from the French president. Algerians want Algeria to no longer be seen as a simple consumer market, but as a partner where French companies can also find answers for their own development.”

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“Macron’s ambitions and ambitions in education”

There is only a week left until the French school starts after the summer break. On Thursday morning, French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the school district superintendent’s opening meeting, talking about the reform of French vocational high schools, the education innovation fund, and teachers’ salaries. “Macron’s ambitions and ambitions in education” was the front-page headline of the print edition of Le Monde, which went on sale Thursday afternoon.

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