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Biden launches anti-Covid winter campaign to avoid lockdown

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Joe Biden launches the “winter campaign” against Covid in the United States, against the danger represented by new waves of the Delta variant and the advent of Omicron, which in the last few hours has been diagnosed in at least five cases only in New York.

The goal: to contain infections, which in the administration’s forecasts appear destined to increase in recent months. But at the same time avoid paralysis and damage to the economy, specters raised by the chairman of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell in recent days.

Hundreds of vaccine centers

“We will fight Covid-19 not with shutdowns and lockdowns but with a greater diffusion of vaccines, with boosters, with swabs and other measures,” Biden said. The winter strategy relies primarily on opening hundreds of new family centers or clinics to easily offer vaccines, including booster injections. The administration intends to reach all one hundred million adult Americans with third doses who are eligible and have not yet received them.

Home tampons refunded

Not enough: the White House, in view of the Christmas season and the end of the year with more family reunions and events, prescribes the widespread use of self-administered tampons at home. Their cost, which in the US is particularly high and reaches up to 25 dollars each, will be fully covered or reimbursed by medical insurance, both public and private.

New rules for travel

Again: the extension of the national obligation of masks on means of transport, expiring in January, until next March. It will cover trains, buses and airplanes and hubs from stations to airports across the country. Buffer vaccine requirements on domestic flights are also considered. Meanwhile, new and unprecedented crackdowns will hit international travelers, even if avoiding border closures: anyone arriving from abroad, citizen or not, vaccinated or not, from next week will have to have a swab within 24 hours of departure, instead of 72 hours. hours requested in the past.

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