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Biden: The United States will not provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets Macron said in principle “does not rule out the possibility”

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On Monday (January 30) in The Hague, French President Emmanuel Macron said cautiously when answering questions about sending fighter jets to Ukraine: “In principle, nothing is prohibited”; all walks of life in the West are currently planning to provide Ukraine with fighter jets to help it fight against Russia invasion. France and Australia will jointly supply Ukraine with thousands of 155mm artillery shells. Latest News: US President Joe Biden says US will not supply Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets.

Agence France-Presse reported that Macron held a joint press conference with Dutch Prime Minister Rutte in The Hague on Monday. When asked about the idea of ​​sending warplanes to Ukraine, Macron emphasized the “principles” that must be followed in any decision, such as: Ukraine should request it, “will not lead to (war) escalation”, and the goal is to help Ukraine improve its defense capability without touching Russian territory, without weakening the French military, etc.

Macron said that in principle, nothing (any approach) can be excluded, and Macron also said that Ukraine has not yet made such a request.

When talking about the supply of “Leclerc” main battle tanks to Ukraine, Macron emphasized the above principles. He said that it is based on these three principles that we will continue to consider the delivery of military equipment on a case-by-case basis.

Macron said that the decision (to provide military aid) “was made on the basis of the request made by Ukraine, not some gossip. Macron also revealed that Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiï Reznikov (Oleksiï Reznikov) is expected to Visited Paris on Tuesday and held talks with French Defense Minister Sebastien Le Corny.

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Agence France-Presse reported that Dutch Prime Minister Rutte emphasized that if the delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine would not violate any taboos, it would be a big step forward.” Rutte agreed with Macron’s principles and said that the Netherlands is currently No request has been received from Ukraine in this regard.

Ukraine has stepped up its appeal to Western countries to supply more advanced weapons to help repel the Russian military aggression. However, German Chancellor Scholz reiterated on the 29th that Germany will not provide fighter jets to Ukraine.

After weeks of heated debate and continued pressure from allies, Scholz finally agreed on the 25th to send 14 Leopard 2 main battle tanks (Leopard 2) to Ukraine and allow other European countries to provide their Leopard 2 tanks.

“I can only advise against getting into a constant outcry war on weapons systems,” Scholz told the Tagesspiegel newspaper.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Germany and the United States for their aid, but then stressed that Ukraine needs more heavy weapons from its NATO allies to fend off Russian forces, including fighter jets and long-range missiles.

During the visit, Scholz warned not to increase the “risk of escalation of the war”, and the Moscow authorities have severely condemned the Western countries’ decision to provide the main tanks to Ukraine.

“There is no war between NATO and Russia. We will not allow such an escalation,” Scholz said.

According to another report, French Defense Minister Le Corny said on Monday that France and Australia will jointly provide Ukraine with thousands of 155mm artillery shells.

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