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Biden warns Iran against attacking Israel: “Don’t do it”

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Biden warns Iran against attacking Israel: “Don’t do it”

The US military had previously announced an increase in its presence in the region. “We are deploying additional assets to the region to strengthen regional deterrence efforts and increase force protection for U.S. forces,” a Pentagon official said Friday. It remained unclear exactly what resources were involved and from where to where the transfer would take place. After the terrorist attack by the Islamist Hamas on October 7, 2023, the USA had already significantly increased its military presence in the region and sent several warships to the Middle East.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant received US Regional Commander Michael Erik Kurilla on Friday. He emphasized that the USA and Israel would stand “shoulder to shoulder”. “Our enemies believe they can divide Israel and the United States. But the opposite is true. They bring us closer and strengthen our bonds,” Gallant said.

Kurilla, who commands the US regional command Centcom, had arrived in Israel the day before for a visit. After a suspected Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy compound in Syria on April 1, threats from Tehran towards Israel recently increased. There has recently been speculation in the US media that an Iranian attack on Israel or Israeli facilities could be imminent. The US said the threat of an Iranian attack from Israel was real.

After signs of a retaliatory strike grew, several states advised against travel to the region. Austria also changed its travel advice accordingly. Lufthansa and its Austrian subsidiary Austrian stopped flights to Tehran. Israel’s largest daily newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, wrote that retaliation was expected in the coming days.

The German Foreign Ministry also called on all German nationals in Iran to leave the country. At the same time, it warned against traveling to Iran. “The current tensions in the region, especially between Israel and Iran, pose the risk of a sudden escalation,” said the Foreign Office in Berlin on Friday evening. Accordingly, the security situation can deteriorate quickly and without warning. “It cannot be ruled out that air, land and sea transport routes could also be affected by an escalation, with corresponding possible impairments of travel to and from Iran,” it said.

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