Home World Biden’s blunder during the State of the Union: he swaps “Ukrainians” for “Iranians”

Biden’s blunder during the State of the Union: he swaps “Ukrainians” for “Iranians”

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Biden’s blunder during the State of the Union: he swaps “Ukrainians” for “Iranians”

President Joe Biden has done it again. At the beginning of the traditional speech to the Congress on the State of the Union – the one where the general conditions of the country are described, the objectives achieved during the year and the agenda on which we intend to work in the coming year is announced – messed up. Speaking of the invaded people, with the intention of praising them for the extreme resistance against the Russians, he in fact said “Iranians” instead of “Ukrainians”.

“Putin – he said – can surround Kiev with tanks, but he will never win the heart and soul of the Iranian people”. The mistake quickly went around the world, becoming a viral meme on Twitter. Especially since one of the Republican representatives of the House Justice Committee had immediately commented: “Iranians?”

The president has been stuttering since he was a child. A problem largely overcome over time, but which still leads him to stumble every now and then over words, exchanging them. In his speech, he tried to unite the country around the conflict but also around its partly still stalled economic agenda, promising to fight inflation with an increase in US-made production.

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