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Big Brother 2024: These candidates live in the TV container

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Big Brother 2024: These candidates live in the TV container

The “Big Brother” has opened its doors again! After a break of several years, new candidates dare to embark on the adventure of complete surveillance and are placed in the infamous TV container „Big Brother“ moved in.

Take part in the 14th season of the Sat.1 show 17 people part. Who is there? We have an overview of all participants here.

The broadcast dates and further information about season 14 can be found here.

All participants of “Big Brother” 2024 at a glance

A total of 17 people move into the “Big Brother” container in the 14th season. They live there for 100 days with no private life and no contact with the outside world.

Here is an overview of all candidates:

  • Angela (49, Bremen)
  • Benedikt (23, Ehningen)
  • Christian (26, Essen)
  • Ciara (35, Wallisellen)
  • Frauke (29, Berlin)
  • Gema (55, Koblenz)
  • Jacqueline (35, Bochum)
  • Kevin (29, Bochum)
  • Maja (25, Düsseldorf)
  • Markus (36, Berlin)
  • Mateo (46, Wuppertal)
  • Maxim (20, Wulkenzin)
  • Moritz (23. Gerabronn)
  • Nicos (27, Rochlitz)
  • Sandro (23. Stralsund)
  • Tanja (55, Giessen)
  • Yael (29, Berlin)

The 17 participants live in the “Big Brother” container for over 100 days.
© Photo: Seven.One / Willi Weber

Who are the contestants for season 14?

The participants in the current “Big Brother” season are a diverse mix: everyone from young to old is there. Where do the candidates who allow themselves to be locked in the TV container for several months come from? What makes them tick? Here you can find information about the individual candidates.


49-year-old Angela is the niece of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. The woman from Bremen is happy in a relationship and has a son. She is already excited: “I’m getting to know new people and I’m looking forward to it.” No wonder, because she sees herself as a medium whose mission is to help people.

Angela’s uncle was world famous


Benedikt has already traveled around the world, as he lived in a wide variety of places, such as Spain and Dubai, while he was now completing his journalism studies. The young man from Ehningen (Baden-Württemberg) is currently living with his parents again. Although he is currently single, the person is more important to him than the gender. The 23-year-old wants to win for the following reason: “Because, true to my life motto ‘Do it because they said you couldn’t’, I want to show the audience what I’m made of!”

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Sport and fitness are important to Christian in his life. The 26-year-old started his own business with a clearing company, even though he is actually a trained sports and fitness businessman. He will miss his family and friends the most and can’t stand one thing in particular: “Negative people.”


Ciara will be particularly noticeable because of her voice: she was born with one less vocal cord. As a nurse, she lives and works in Switzerland, but actually comes from Germany. She was born there as an intersex person, but had surgery when she was 21. The now 35-year-old wants to “take the hearts of her roommates and viewers by storm.”

© Photo: Seven.One / Willi Weber


As a Berliner, Frauke is a real star: “I am pure entertainment thanks to my clumsy, positive and honest nature!” she says about herself. The 29-year-old is still looking for her true love, perhaps she will be on “Big Brother”. Find the right one?

Egg yolk

Gema is a woman with many talents: she shows nerves in retail and is also active as a voice-over artist. In need of harmony, with a faith in God, the 55-year-old sees the good in people. She lives in Koblenz with her husband and daughter and is happy to move into the container: “I have the courage and ambition to do it. I’m just really up for it.”


Extrovert, biker and mother – that’s Jacqueline and she is aware of it: “I bring action, a lot of irony and lots of surprises.” The 35-year-old lives with her little son in Bochum. Although she and her father are separated, they still maintain a friendly relationship.

© Photo: Seven.One / Willi Weber

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Like Jacqueline, Kevin also comes from Bochum. The 29-year-old works as a salesman in the company and has a heart for hip-hop. He may celebrate his 30th birthday in the container. Since he came to Germany from Ghana when he was six, he has a noble goal with the prize money: “I would use part of the money to make a lifelong dream possible and have several drinking fountains built in Africa.”


25-year-old Maja is independent and confident: the restaurateur has her own franchise business. She doesn’t want to give up this independence and therefore lives alone in Düsseldorf. In general, Maja shows a lot of charm and humor, but also doesn’t talk about it: she doesn’t shy away from discussions and stands behind her opinions. So she looks forward to her entry with confidence: “Losing is not an option for me!”


Markus wants to get to know his limits and moves into the container. The 36-year-old is a real all-rounder: The professional illustrator beekeepers, plays bass and does sports. It just doesn’t work out with great love. One of his answers to the prize money proves that Markus is sociable: “With the rest, I’ll throw a round for my friends in my local bar.”


Half Sicilian, half German: Mateo has lived in Wuppertal since he was born and not alone. The 46-year-old is a father of two and loves his family. When he moves in, a lifelong dream comes true for him. The painter and varnisher is a real cheerful person: “I am a cheerful ray of sunshine who always has a good mood and fun and always has a smile for others.”

© Photo: Seven.One / Willi Weber


Maxime is a winner: the young woman from Wulkenzin (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) became the German wakeboard champion in 2019. At 20 years old, she is the youngest in the container. The harmony woman is single and not a party spirit, but full of fighting spirit: “Don’t underestimate me! There’s so much more behind my physical appearance!”

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Full of energy and open to new things: Moritz comes from Gerabronn (Baden-Württemberg). The 23-year-old has not yet found the woman for his life, but he has found his job: He is an IT consultant. In general, Moritz doesn’t take himself too seriously, so he is sure: “It will never be boring with me!”

Gerabronner on “Big Brother”

Moritz Pollak Coelho takes part in reality show


Nicos makes no secret of his fondness for the 80s: after all, the 27-year-old wears a foxtail and drives through his hometown of Rochlitz in Saxony in his souped-up Opel. The family man lives there in a multi-generational house where everyone is there for each other. The single doesn’t want to give up so quickly: “I want and will win because I’m taking on the 100-day challenge! Every day is more of a reason to take home the win.”


Tall, muscular and tattooed: That’s Sandro. The six-foot man is a driving instructor and lives with his six-year-old son in Stralsund. In addition to strength training, the 32-year-old also takes care of his appearance: Sandro regularly goes to the beautician and to the solarium.

© Photo: Seven.One / Willi Weber


Tanja wears her heart on her sleeve and has already experienced a lot: The 55-year-old runs her own nail salon and also works in the Diakonie as a carer for the severely disabled. But that’s still not enough for the Hildesheim resident: “Big Brother” is a new life experience “and a new phase of life. I find it super exciting.”


Strong in character, self-confident and definitely not shy in front of the camera: Yael is a trained hair and make-up artist and is single. She currently lives in Mallorca and Berlin. Yael regularly does weight training and lives for the spotlight. So it’s no surprise that she’s looking forward to moving in. The 29-year-old is sure: “I expect a challenge that will push all residents to their limits and make the 100 days an unforgettable time.”

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