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Bigott, critic of his album Dedicated To None (2023)

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Bigott, critic of his album Dedicated To None (2023)

Borja Laudo and company comply with that tradition of theirs consisting of publishing new music every little more than a year, although, to materialize what is the new album by Bigoted, the formation has chosen to change considerably the stylistic third. The man from Zaragoza and his band put aside that usual showy and unprejudiced indie-pop protagonist in previous installments to complete an intimate and gloomy album from the cover, in which the author projects a facet hitherto unpublished or, at least, reserved for specific pieces skipped from some of the previous albums.

Be that as it may, ‘Dedicated To None’ once again proves Laudo’s special ability as a composer, certifying in passing a greater journey (supported in other directions) in said tasks. To undertake the aforementioned turn, the musician points to references such as Bill Callahan, Low, Jason Molina, Mark Kozelek, Nick Drake, the most reflective Yo La Tengo or Little Wings, in influences that lead directly to pieces as convincing as “Moondog”own “Dedicated To None” which gives the reference its title and has something of Thurston Moore, “Jeremiah”the beautiful instrumental passage of “Hi Avalono “He’s Dumb” in the mouth of bassist Clara Carnicer. Barely half an hour that leaves eleven new songs (and an interlude) with an almost virgin profile within Laudo’s own curriculum, along a disturbing path that at the same time has the occasional probation of the musician.

Bigoted he has always been safe under the cover of an unserious aura raised around him; the same as on occasions he has blurred that impressive value as a creator that led him to sign records as essential as ‘Fin’ (King Of Patio, 08), ‘This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship’ (Gelmar, 09) o ‘Pavement Tree’ (Gelmar, 14). ‘Dedicated To None’ It is additional evidence of the talent that the Aragonese treasures and the work that, at least by appearance, could well be described as the most mature to date within that already extensive discography that he owns.

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