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Bill Gates on Artificial Intelligence | MobIT

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Bill Gates on Artificial Intelligence |  MobIT

In a seven-page text, Bill Gates outlined his predictions about the future and risks of using artificial intelligence

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One of the richest people on the planet, Bill Gatesbelieves that artificial intelligence (AI) will transform the world, ie “to change the way people work, learn, travel, receive medical care and communicate with each other”. However, he is aware of the risks that the development of this technology brings.

In the text he published on his blogGates shared his enthusiasm, but also some predictions, about artificial intelligence – a technology he called revolutionary, such as microprocessors, computers, the Internet and cell phones.

Business, medicine and agriculture

When it comes to predictions, the founder of Microsoft, a company that is recently itself implemented artificial intelligence in its browserwrites that artificial intelligence will be widely used in the form “personal digital assistant” which will increase worker productivity. Integrating AI technology into business tools, such as Microsoft Office, could be very useful for managing and writing emails, and “digital agents”who hold a wealth of company and industry data, will serve as an excellent resource for employees to interact with.

Gates touched on and medical industry, which it claims will benefit greatly from AI, which in turn will relieve employees of certain tasks such as filing insurance claims, paperwork and writing medical reports. This relief, in his opinion, will reduce the waiting time for receiving medical care, and he does not rule out that one day patients who do not live near medical institutions will be able to receive help at a distance, which will be very significant for residents of the poorest countries.

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As artificial intelligence is already being used to analyze medical data and make drugs, Gates believes that some of the next generations of this technology will be able to help predict the side effects of drugs and dose the prescribed drug.

As the largest landowner in the US, Gates also shared his thoughts on the benefits that AI will bring to agriculture. Designing seeds for specific climates and creating vaccines for livestock will be especially important for farmers in poor countries, he argues.


In the next five to 10 years, artificial intelligence will completely transform schools and universities by adapting content to each person, that is, to their learning style, while learning what motivates them or makes them bored with a topic, Gates believes. Of course, this refers to the future, but currently it can be of great use to professors in preparing their lectures.

“Even as technology improves, learning will still depend on the relationship between professor and student. It will enhance, but never replace, the work that professors and students do in classrooms.”, says the billionaire. However, in his opinion, professors will have to get used to students using new technologies, such as ChatGPT.

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Problems and risks of using artificial intelligence

Bill Gates is aware that artificial intelligence, although very impressive, is still not at the required level, and the answers it gives may be incorrect. As one of the examples of this, he cited incorrect solutions to given mathematical problems, which he attributes to the difficulty that AI has with reasoning, but he believes that such shortcomings will be “ironed out” in the next two years.

Like all inventions, this technology can be used for good, but also for the badso Gates believes that the biggest threat is posed by human actors “armed with artificial intelligence”and sees the solution in the fact that governments will have to work closely with the private sector in order to reduce risks.

However, the answer to how to prevent artificial intelligence from perceiving people as a threat was not given by Gates, but he believes that it is a question for the future, because we are still not close to developing artificial general intelligence (breaking latest news) – technology that can think, understand and learn the way humans can. When will the development of this technology take place? The billionaire is not sure, but says that it could be in 10 or even 100 years.

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