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Billie Eilish takes Fortnite Festival today.

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Billie Eilish takes Fortnite Festival today.

Is there a video game with more co-op than Fortnite? Probably not, to be honest, because Epic Games’ Battle Royale continues to attract big IPs, celebrities and more. Following the launch of Avatar: The Last Airbender cosmetics, pop star Billie Eilish is heading to Fortnite Festival’s main stage.

Like The Weeknd and Lady Gaga, it looks like Eilish will be getting her own skin in the game, and we can imagine a number of her songs coming to Fortnite Festival during the event.

Today, April 23, Eilish debuts on Fortnite Festival’s main stage. Another piece of news from Fortnite is that Epic Games is considering to block confrontational emotes in the game.

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