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Birth kit and ideal budget ~ The chronicles of a young mother

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Birth kit and ideal budget ~ The chronicles of a young mother

The birth kit or baby layette brings together the essentials to have for the first weeks after giving birth. Its preparation is an exciting stage for future mothers. On the other hand, budgeting can go in all directions, leading to big expenses that you could have avoided.

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After reading this article, you will have the answer to your questions about budgeting for your baby’s essentials. In addition, by scrupulously following the proposed To-Do-List, you will live this experience more peacefully.

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Birth trousseau and the excitement of motherhood

I had the opportunity to ask the question to mothers in the CJM community. Out of 10 responses received, 7 mothers said they had considerably exceeded their budget due to the excitement of their first motherhood.

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In this regard, this article recently written may be a guide to avoiding some of the pitfalls of first motherhood.

Being a mother remains the greatest happiness in a woman’s life. Consequently, we want to be up to the task and really ensure, particularly starting with the making of the baby’s trousseau.

So what are the factors that influence the budget for baby’s trousseau?

The number of gestures : compared to other pregnancies, the first is the one where we do the most crazy. Indeed, baby 1’s things benefit baby 2 more.Parents’ income : the “baby trousseau” budget may differ from one parent to another. The most important thing is that this expense does not destabilize you financially.The outside opinion : Do not accept all outside proposals. Compare things and choose what suits you best without going overboard.The image of an idealized motherhood : as a mother, we all have an ideal of the first days with baby. Whether it’s wearing designer clothes that are pleasant to the touch, or buying them sheets, personalized blankets from the city’s greatest stylist, or even offering them the latest series of baby bottles available in store. Despite all this, remain rational in your choices.Donations and gifts : Donations and gifts can significantly help you offset anything you haven’t yet purchased. Slow down on your purchases! A tip found is the KISS method to moderate purchases.

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The bare essentials for a good layette: my To-Do-List

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The objective is to prioritize the essential and eliminate the superfluous. Therefore, you may find it short, but that’s really what you need at first.

Afterwards, taking into account your money coming in, gifts and your experience, you can modify it.

Crib sheets (2) + loincloths (2) Small bath towels (2) Bath kit: glove (1) + sponge (1) + glycerin soap (1) + basin and buckets (1+3) moisturizing cream (1) + Shea butter (1) Hats (3) + slippers (3 pairs) + baby bibs (7) Sleeved bras (6) Sleeping bags (4) Crossover or wrap bodysuits (6) Baby tights (4) ) Diapers (4 packs) + wipes (3 packs) Thermometer (1) + bassinet (1 – not obligatory) Everything you need for navel care (healing ointment, cotton, compress)

But what can we do to not get carried away by the euphoria of the first birth and put together a trousseau with a reasonable budget?

Birth kit and applicable safeguards

The arrival of a child is accompanied by many additional costs such as hospitalization costs, delivery costs, the purchase of medicines, the purchase of diapers, etc. to say that it doesn’t just stop at putting together the layette. To this end, the applicable safeguards are tips for avoiding excess.

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Define budget : the standard budget does not exist, because it will vary from one person to another. But, for people with average incomes, it is around 250,000 CFA francs at most. It is important to note that these estimates are indicative and that each family will have different needs and preferences.List your needs : the To-Do-List is a basis on which you can very well follow. Moreover, the KISS method will allow you to make better choices.Identifier your points of purchase : Knowing where exactly to go for purchases can help avoid unexpected expenses. First, ask those around you for some recommendations. Then, go there for prospecting. Finally, if your choices are made, you return there for purchases. Always think about value for money.Buy in bulk where possible and negotiate : identify the boutiques which offer you the essentials for your trousseau. If you value different items, buy in bulk and negotiate prices for good discounts.

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The real challenge is not actually the cost of the baby’s trousseau. It is rather, on the one hand, its composition, and on the other hand, to resist compulsive and excessive purchases. Planning and researching economical options allows you to put together a complete trousseau without exceeding a specific budget.

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