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Bitcoin: BTC outperforms Tesla (TSLA) stock for the first time since 2019

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Bitcoin: BTC outperforms Tesla (TSLA) stock for the first time since 2019

BTC vs TSLA. Following the recent increase in its price, Bitcoin is now part of the very exclusive club of the most valuable assets in the world. An important change in trend, while at the same time it becomes the new speculative toy of traditional finance. This now makes it possible to compare its performance to certain emblematic companies, such as the automobile giant Tesla. A company with a rather stormy relationship with this emblematic cryptocurrency. Even more so with a BTC which outperforms now largely its TSLA action…

Bitcoin vs Tesla: A more positive outcome for BTC

What can we say about the relationship between the Tesla company and the Bitcoin ? That it looks pretty much like everything its owner does Elon Musk when it comes to cryptocurrencies: anything (or pure and simple manipulation).

Indeed, the billionaire had, for example, announced in 2021 the possibility to buy your electric cars with BTC. This only to finally reverse course a few weeks later, triggering an immediate decline of 20% on the Bitcoin market.

Repetitive escapades which, however, did not prevent the queen of cryptocurrencies from establish yourself in traditional financeparticularly following the recent approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs. With the consequence, a BTC that offers better returns than TSLA stock yet reputed to be very efficient.

BTC vs TSLA price over the last 5 years – Source: TradingView

Indeed, Bitcoin outperforms TSLA stock again for the first time since 2019. This is in any case what the TradingView graph indicates, with BTC up by 1181% over the last 5 yearsagainst only 806 % pour Tesla’s stock. A trend which is also confirmed over the last 12 monthswith 139% increase for BTC against 11% decrease for TSLA action.

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Tesla: the loser of Bitcoin HODLing

Bitcoin – and its 1300 billion dollars – is now in 9th place among the most valuable assets in the world, according to the ranking of the Companies Marketcap site. That’s to say 12 places above the Tesla company (#21) and its 460.7 billion dollars.

Ranking of the most valuable assets in the world – Source: Companies Marketcap

A position in the top 10 which must make some of its investors scream, a little too light-handed. Like for example the unstable Elon Musk, yet among the first to have operated a strategy for purchasing BTC with Tesla’s treasury.

An operation at the MicroStrategy which represented at the time (2021) the sum of $1.5 billion. The latter propelling BTC to a new ATH around $37,000. But once again, hindsight was then required. This is how Tesla gradually relieved itself of 10% of his assets in March 2021, then 75% of the rest in 2022.

Elon Musk definitely doesn’t have the same maximalist confidence that Michael Saylor in Bitcoin. A major error, since these premature resales of BTC now represent a shortfall estimated at $1.3 billion. Too bad for the Tesla company and its shareholders…

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