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Bo Henriksen is the new coach

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Bo Henriksen is the new coach

Henriksen is the third man on the Rheinhessen sideline this season. They went into the round with his compatriot Bo Svensson, but the team was unable to match the performances of the previous two and a half years.

After the cup defeat at Hertha BSC, the former 05 professional asked to be relieved of his duties for the second time within a few weeks, this time he was met with open ears. Jan Siewert, who previously worked as a U-23 coach in Mainz, took his place.

He made his debut in a 2-0 win against RB Leipzig, but his first win of the season was not followed by a second. The 1:3 in Stuttgart on Sunday was Siewert’s last appearance, on Rose Monday the club announced their separation – and on the evening of the biggest foolish holiday, the successor signed his contract, which runs until the summer of 2026. “We didn’t hear much about ‘Helau’,” says 05 sports director Christian Heidel. “That has something to do with the fact that we are analyzing the situation again before the last third of the season, and unfortunately we were in a situation where we had to do something.”

Now Henriksen is supposed to do it, after Jürgen Klopp (2001 for Eckhart Krautzun) and Martin Schmidt (2015 for Kasper Hjulmand), the third Mainz head coach to take office on Carnival. The first stop in his coaching career was the Danish club Brønshøj BK, with whom he was promoted to the second division in 2010. From 2014 to 2020, Henriksen coached AC Horsens, which he led to the Superliga in 2016. In the 2021/2022 season he won the Danish Cup with FC Midtjylland. With FC Zurich he recently took third place in the Swiss upper house; the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” called him the “FCZ happiness maker”.

“Bo’s decision not to extend his contract there had nothing to do with us,” assures Heidel. “We only had our first contact last Friday. But we looked at it very carefully beforehand in case we had to make a change.”

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The new man attests that the squad has a lot of quality (“power, high speed, handling the ball”) and the ability to win games. This should be achieved on the one hand with power football, and on the other hand on a mental level – he wants to take away the players’ fear of losing and give them new fun. Is it easy to switch from one club to the other within a few days? “Nothing is easy in life. But it’s about football, about faith, about trust.”

Christian Heidel is convinced “that Bo is a guy who wakes up the team and actually takes away the fear of the players. He can get it all across because that’s how he thinks.” Henriksen has repeatedly succeeded in his career in “forming teams and playing football that is both pragmatic and courageous and successful.”

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