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Bob Dole, former Republican senator and presidential candidate, dies

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Former Senator and former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole has died at the age of 98. The family made it known. A lawyer and Grand Old Party Senator for the State of Kansas from 1969 to 1996, he also served as a majority leader for several years, setting the record for the longest period of time in that role by one person.

In 1976 he was nominated for vice president by Gerald Ford, but in that election the Republicans were defeated by Democrat Jimmy Carter. After attempting a candidacy in the Republican primary in 1988, overwhelmed by Ronald Reagan’s vice president, George HW Bush, Dole was the Republican party’s candidate for the 1996 presidential elections but was defeated by outgoing president Bill Clinton.

Dole was also a veteran of the Second World War, where he had fought in the Emilian Apennines, sustaining severe injuries (and then paralysis) in his right arm during a battle at Castel d’Aiano. For this he used to hold a pen in his right hand, to make it clear that he could not shake his hand in greeting.

After initially supporting Jeb Bush’s candidacy, which turned out to be bankrupt, Dole already expressed his support for Donald Trump in the race for the White House in January 2016. In 2018, Dole was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in Washington.

In 2018, at the funeral of former President George HW Bush, Dole rose from his wheelchair to greet his old friend and one-time rival.


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