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Bodø Glimt, Albert Grønbæk | Bjørnebye opens up about the giant deal: – We saw where it went

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Bodø Glimt, Albert Grønbæk |  Bjørnebye opens up about the giant deal: – We saw where it went

BODØ (Nettavisen): Albert Grønbæk amazed both Norwegian and Dutch football supporters in last week’s match against Ajax.

The Dane was high and low, scored two goals and delivered one of his best performances in the Bodø/Glimt outfit.

This winter, Glimt is said to have turned down an offer from American Charlotte of well over 100 million, and the 22-year-old instead chose to sign a new long-term contract with the Norwegian club.

In Denmark, there is a Norwegian who was behind the transfer to Grønbæk, when he ended up in Northern Norway for more than NOK 30 million.

– I think it’s simply incredibly fun. Against Ajax, he was the best on the pitch, and that’s saying no small thing.

The words come from sports manager at Superliga club AGF, Stig-Inge Bjørnebye.

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The former Liverpool and national team star sat on the other side of the negotiating table, when Bodø/Glimt had singled out the Danish youngster as their next big signing.

– We clearly saw where things were going with Albert. He had been with us almost all his life, and you could see that there was an “unrest” there, in a positive sense. We saw early on that he was a bit headstrong, in a positive sense, he tells Nettavisen.

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Bjørnebye and Grønbæk had one season together in AGF, before the latter became one of the club’s biggest sales.

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– He has a subtle ambition to be the best, so he was a bit uneasy. Our dilemma at the time was whether we should let him go, or keep him longer.

– It was a difficult decision, and very sad when you first end up selling. Because he was local and was brought up at the club, but sometimes you just have to let the player go.

Now the technical midfielder is embarking on his third season in yellow. In the first, you sometimes saw glimpses of greatness, and last season he was, together with Amahl Pellegrino, the club’s best player.

– I have to say that it seems that Albert made the right choice. Bodø/Glimt has done a good job. They saw something very early on, which they chose to invest heavily in. In other words, it is good scouting.

– What makes him and Bodø/Glimt such a good match?

– He fits perfectly into that system there. I met Albert in Marbella a few weeks ago and he was very happy with the state of affairs. He thrives in Bodø, and thrives very well in the club.

Bjørnebye: – Could become something big

Bjørnebye believes that one has only seen the start of something really big, and that the qualities of the Glimt player mean that only injuries can put an end to it.

– Albert has an inner motivation that is unlike anything else. There is something going on inside that boy that will make him go very far.

– Did it surprise you that he then signed a new contract with Glimt, considering that motivation to stretch further?

– No, it actually didn’t. Because it seems that he and his team have a very clear plan, and I think that contract extension is also a plan on Glimt’s part. Without my knowing anything about it, but it is probably an investment Bodø/Glimt will get back in the long term.

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The Danes follow along

Many widened their eyes when Glimt knocked tens of millions on the table, for a 20-year-old Dane who had not necessarily played havoc for his club at the time.

Now they can apparently end up with a profit that smells of burning. What Grønbæk might be worth in today’s market, however, Bjørnebye will not interfere.

– I have become completely imbued with pragmatism when it comes to money and salaries in football. There is supply and demand, just like in other industries. I stopped hanging you up on it a long time ago. I was part of it myself, where my mother didn’t dare to go out the door when I was about to sign my five-year contract with Liverpool. Everyone had to have an opinion about what I was going to earn, and one and the other.

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As manager of a top Danish club, however, he notices that interest is increasing in Bodø/Glimt’s midfielder.

– Do the Danes talk about Grønbæk, and what he achieves?

– Denmark has more to talk about, but the Danes also follow along very well. The Ajax match was shown on Danish TV, with Danish commentators, so they follow along. Now they are just waiting for the next step, and probably have some ideas about where it should be.

Thursday evening sees the return match between Bodø/Glimt and Ajax, after the 2-2 draw in Amsterdam. Albert Grønbæk is naturally expected to have a key role.

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