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Borneo FC vs Persebaya Line Up, Kadek Raditya Becomes Midfielder

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Borneo FC vs Persebaya Line Up, Kadek Raditya Becomes Midfielder


An exciting match is presented tonight between Borneo FC Samarinda and Persebaya Surabaya. The following are the line-ups for the two clubs that have been released.

The duel between the two clubs took place at the Batakan Stadium, Balikpapan, Thursday (7/3) evening. The match was led by referee Aidil Azmi.

Persebaya Surabaya came out with full strength in this match. Bajul Ijo only minus Ernando Ari who is still recovering from injury.



Even though Ernando cannot appear, Paul Munster is not worried. This coach from Northern Ireland still has Andhika Ramadhani guarding the goal.

Andhika’s goal will be guarded by Arief Catur, Yan Victor, Dusan Stevanovic and Reva Adi Utama. The quartet will be tasked with repelling the opponent’s attacks.

The midfield is filled with a trio of local players. They are Muhammad Iqbal, Andre Oktaviansyah, and Kadek Raditya. Interestingly, Kadek will be played as a defensive midfielder again after previously performing well against PSS Sleman.

The spearhead is still entrusted to Paulo Henrique. This Brazilian striker will be supported by Bruno Moreira and Robson Duarte.

Meanwhile in the opposing camp, Pieter Huistra, who acted as the visiting team, clearly did not want to lose full points. For this reason, he immediately fielded his best squad, including playing Stefano Lilipaly, Felipe Cadenazzi, Willem Jan Pluim and Kei Hirose from the first minute.


Borneo FC Samarinda:

25. Nadeo Arga Winata (GK)

24. Diego Michiels (C)
15. Leo Guntara
56. Muhammad Fajar Fathurrahman
6. Silverio Silva

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19. Adam Alis
8. In Hirose
80. Willem Jan Pluim

91. Felipe Cadenazzi
14. Stefano Lilipaly
28. Terens Puhiri

Persebaya Surabaya:

52. Andhika Ramadhani (GK)

2. Arief Catur Pamungkas
3. Reva Adi Utama (C)
5. Dusan Stevanovic
26. Yan Victor

8. Andre Oktaviansyah
6. Muhammad Iqbal
23. Kadek Raditya

30. Robson Duarte
99. Bruno Moreira
9. Paulo Henrique

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