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Božo Anđelić will not play for Montenegro while Vlado Šola is the coach Sport

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Božo Anđelić will not play for Montenegro while Vlado Šola is the coach  Sport

Božo Anđelić will no longer play for the national team of Montenegro, revolted by the attitude of the association towards him, the relationship with the coach Vlad Šola and the changes in some decisions after the match with Serbia.

Source: Profimedia/IMAGO

When the national team lists for EHF Sunday came out, we saw some big names van spiska Croatian i of Serbiaali i Montenegro was left without important players. Now it turns out that he is the middle linebacker of the national team Bozo Andjelic off the roster because he refused to respond to the selector Vlado Šola.

Anđelić has now revealed that Vlado Šola often did not come up with tactics for the national team’s matches and pointed out that he does not want to work with a man who, in his opinion, lacks authority and knowledge. He pointed out that the plan of the Handball Association of Montenegro was to fire Šola after the European Championship, but that it changed after the victory over Serbia at the Euro. Montenegrin media also reported that neither Miloš Božović he doesn’t have it because he decided not to respond to Šola anymore, and after everything Anđelić announced himself with the announcement that we are transmitting.

In Montenegro, those who give the most to the state, and neither ask nor receive anything, constantly need to prove themselves to others who only take from it. I have the obligation to inform the Montenegrin public of the following facts: I told the national team selector that I will not play for the Montenegrin national team in the future while he is in that position. I said that I do not want to cooperate with a person who does not have the authority and character to be in such a position. I said that, not to give up on Montenegro, but on the contrary to make the only pressure I can as a player so that the situation in men’s handball would change for the better.

And instead of it being an alarm for the leaders of the Handball Association of Montenegro, they remain silent without any reaction and taking the necessary measures. Of course, I cannot continue to cooperate with a selector who does not interfere too much in his work. It is known to all players that not so rarely the coach left the tactics of the team and the design of certain actions to the players. This speaks volumes about the lack of authority and a phenomenon that is unfortunately only present in our national team.

The Handball Association of Montenegro has been pushing the problems faced by the players under the carpet for the last ten years because of the supposed peace in the house, they are not interested in issues related to the sports field, and essentially they are doing all this to protect their armchairs and their acquired positions, high salaries, per diem, car use and all other benefits. It’s a sickening feeling when those who were looking to take a daily wage, a salary from the union, a fee, have to prove themselves to someone who didn’t take anything, not a single cent for something he considered his duty, which is a sports fight in a jersey with the national emblem . Unfortunately, during the last ten years, the problems in Montenegrin handball have accumulated and culminated. Instead of the association solving the problems that are compounding, it is trying to create the impression that the players are to blame for such a situation.

No one from the management staff of the federation has ever admitted responsibility for the state of men’s handball, even though the previous and current convocations of the leadership in the last ten years have done everything to destroy men’s handball in Montenegro. That’s why I ask the question, are the players to blame that two of the most talented players in the last five years, Latković and Vujović, decided to play for Slovenia, do they ask themselves what the problem is with Lipovin and Simović, and now finally with Božović and me? Simply, no one from the alliance has an ear for such events, it does not interest them, their primary goal above all is the possibility of acquiring privileges and benefits. The selector should deal with the leaders of the federation on these issues.

Unfortunately, it’s always the same story, only the roles have changed. After the match with Iceland at the European Championship, the association was looking for a new coach, and that activity stopped after the victory against the Serbian national team. I’m sorry for the faithful and best fans, we lived beautiful moments together, representing our country. It remains a bitter impression that this generation, which had indisputable quality and great potential, did not achieve significant sports results“, Anđelić wrote.

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This is not the first dismissal from the national team of Montenegro, since Vladan Lipovina left the national team earlier, and Vuko Borozan returned after a long absence at the previous European Championship. This is the list of Montenegro for this EHF week:

Goalkeepers: Nebojša Simić, Nikola Matović, Haris Suljević Wings: Miloš Vujović, Aleksandar Bakić, Filip Vujović, Mirko Radović, Luka Radović. Vojislav Vukić Defenders: Radojica Čepić, Filip Krivokapić, Vasilije Kaluđerović, Milorad Bakić. Arsenije Dragašević, Vuko Borozan, Branko Vujović, Stefan Čavor. Risto Vujačić Pivots: Vuk Lazović, Nemanja Grbović. Miodrag Ćorsović, Mihailo Šćekić, Luka Vujović

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