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Brazil’s new crown death cases exceed 600,000 people hang 600 white handkerchiefs to commemorate the deceased

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Original title: Over 600,000 people died of the new crown in Brazil hung 600 white handkerchiefs to commemorate the dead Source: CCTV News Client

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According to statistics from the Brazilian Ministry of Health, as of the 8th local time, Brazil has accumulated more than 600,000 new coronary pneumonia deaths.On the same day, 600 white handkerchiefs were hung from the mast and stood on the famous Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to commemorate the 600,000 people who died of COVID-19 in Brazil.

In order to commemorate the 600,000 Brazilians who died of the new crown pneumonia, the Rio civil organization erected a mast on the Copacabana Beach in the early morning of the 8th local time and hung 600 white handkerchiefs on it. The organizer of the event said that the 600 white handkerchiefs commemorated the 600,000 compatriots who died of illness, but also protested the various mistakes made by the Brazilian government in responding to the new crown epidemic in the past two years.

Event organizer Antonio Costa:600,000 people appeared in Brazil todayThe tragic number of deaths from new coronary pneumonia,This is not just a statistic.We are the global new crown pneumoniaThe country with the second highest number of deaths,Also every million people die from new coronary pneumoniaThe seventh-ranked country.

It is reported that the 600 white handkerchiefs will be handed over to Rio taxi driver Marcelo Antonio at noon that day. His son was killed by the new crown pneumonia. Antonio will be responsible for sending these handkerchiefs to the capital Brasilia, and will hand the handkerchiefs to Rodríguez, Vice Chairman of the Epidemic Investigation Committee when the Brazilian Parliament’s Epidemic Investigation Committee concluded its investigation on the 19th local time, to express the Brazilian people’s demand for thoroughness. Appeals for government negligence during the investigation of the epidemic.

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