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breaking latest news of Fajardo’s concert at the Avalon Café in Zamora

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breaking latest news of Fajardo’s concert at the Avalon Café in Zamora

What Fajardo is one of the rara avis most talented and inexcusable on the national scene is beginning to be an open secret, with the added mystery of the fact that the Canarian performs little on peninsular stages. For this reason, the author’s first visit to Zamora was a luxury that must be attended. Coffee for the very coffee lovers, of course, in an evening that was presumed to have very specific sensations and that, in the end, met all expectations.

The majonero based in Gran Canaria arrived with the recently published “Excerpt” (Comunidad de Regantes, 24) under the arm, a work recorded live in Villamayor de la Armuña that highlights qualities on a realistic background. The same line that its creator showed under the protection of the always reliable setting of the Avalon Café, with a presence that is difficult to classify that could respond to the end of anti-songwriterarmed only with his guitar and willing to open himself up with each performance.

Fajardo borrows parameters from folk and folklore and shapes them with hammer blows, just like that sculptor who looks for the specific form that gives him exclusivity and differentiates his signature from that of his other colleagues. Fajardo shapes songs with preferences and manners (that seem to emerge from his own soul) that are not suitable for all audiences, but that, once they connect with the viewer, forge an unbreakable bond during sixty intense minutes of pure trance.

It was the consequence of a devastating vocal performance full of resources, only comparable to the impact left by the musician’s own lyrics (in synergy with the guitar) in compositions such as “Volcano”, “What does man want?”, “Deity”, “Intuition” o “Accidents”. So vivid that she is taken aback; so heartfelt that she moves; so precise that it distresses. Fajardo He proved, in fact, to be an unparalleled artist. An impossible luck Vic Chesnutt, Mark Kozelek, Daniel Johnston y Will Oldhamendowed with non-negotiable talent that leaves a scar.

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