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breaking latest news of Judeline in Sala BBK, Bilbao (2024)

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breaking latest news of Judeline in Sala BBK, Bilbao (2024)

The beginning of the third edition of the cycle Zero Point It couldn’t have started in a better way. The commitment to feminine names like Judelinebelonging to the new emerging musical trend, in combination with the change to Fridays, made the premiere a success.

Days before, the sold out sign for Judeline’s performance was already posted. This was reflected in the queue of fans waiting for the doors to open minutes before half past seven in front of the shop windows of the big brands on Bilbao’s Gran Vía. Once inside, the first rows were the number one objective. Mobile phone in hand, they were preparing to immortalize the beginning of the performance.

Lara Fernández, better known musically as Judeline, conquered the Bilbao public from the first moment. She made up for her limited musical catalog with versions (“La Tortura” by Shakira, “Pena Penita” by Lola Flores or “Fanástica Sensual” by Plan B) in which the Cadiz native performs with ease and confidence, taking them to a comfortable terrain for she. Far from monopolizing the repertoire with songs with dynamic and electronic bases such as “Canijo”, “Zahara” or “Sustancia”, Judeline tempered moments with her voice stripped of artifacts and beats, but accompanied by, at times, an electric guitar that It sounded flamenco, in others, a keyboard acting as a piano. The silence on the part of the public during these songs was only disturbed in the choirs they joined.

But without a doubt, the songs that were best received were the most danceable. Judeline He moved slowly and even timidly, playing the card of antagonism with the energy of his themes. When she best married her mood with her creations it was in flamenco cuts. The game and duality of the traditional with the avant-garde is her main pillar, and in Bilbao she knew how to rely on it in a recurring and successful way.

The fifty minutes of performance she gave in Bilbao were scarce, but as she herself confessed, it is the consequence of being an emerging artist (a label that she can now let go of without any complexes). With “Mangata” she announced that she will soon publish new material. A song that hit the roof and that according to Lara “opens a new era” in her career.

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