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breaking latest news of the Rodrigo Cuevas concert in Valladolid

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breaking latest news of the Rodrigo Cuevas concert in Valladolid

It arrived, filled well in advance (with that long-awaited “sold out” sign, a dream of producers and artists), and set up an Auditorium that I don’t think in all its years of life, has seen the people of that vibrate. way between its elegant walls, the result of that time when we were all rich. He came to present “The Pilgrimage”that tour where he gives visibility to his latest work “Pilgrimage Manual” (23), which is added to the previous one, “Courtship Manual” (19). The National Prize for Current Music 2023 was accompanied on stage by Tino Cuesta, keyboards and percussions; Mapi Quintana, percussions and choirs; Rubén Bada, percussions and Juanjo Díaz, keyboards and percussions, uploaded on four platforms equipped with keyboards, tambourines and guitars and a couple of dancers, Pablo Dávila and Paul Fernández, if I’m not confused; who supported him in the choreography of his “great songs”, because yes! Rodrigo Cuevas He only plays great songs.

She went down the stairs like a true diva, fan in hand, strutting all that time before a very heterogeneous audience, which I enjoyed expectantly from those first minutes. With respect to previous occasions, she continues to retain that provocative, irreverent and politically incorrect point that her universe contains; something that, from what I read, she continues to maintain in the rest of her concerts, but that, on this occasion, seemed to come off very sweet. I don’t know if it was motivated by a packed auditorium, but with part of an audience that, at least to me, as I descended the stairs, didn’t fit much. Or for other reasons. Very talkative and interacting with people, he created a version of that “Vallisoletana” that all the Tunas of this city, be they Law, Economic or Business, have in their repertoire and that cannot be missing in a wedding worth its salt, which They would distinguish more than one, although, in this “utopian society” one no longer knows which horse to bet on.

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Become a bastion of this revisionism of traditional music to the delight of some and, surely, to the flagellation of traditionalists. In his latest work, the artist once again explores Asturian folklore, with a proposal to rescue the traditions of which he has been a pioneer, and which has earned him the aforementioned National Prize for Current Music 2023. Themes of his new work such as “More animal”, “Matinada”, “Arboleda”, “Casares”, “How ye?!” or “Dime bouquet verde”, were mixed with other older ones “Xiringélu”, “Muñeira” or “Rambalín”, that tribute to Rambal, Alberto Alonso Blanco, a standard bearer of the rights of the homosexual collective who fought to seek their acceptance and normalization , in the words of past tours, “a faggot born in Xixón, a symbol of visibility for LGBTI people and unfortunately murdered for it”; at a time when that was very complicated, something that Rodrigo thinks we have already overcome, at least in part.

Great concert, in short, on a cold afternoon/night that their music warmed up. Although, for him who subscribes, with part of the brakes partly applied and a point more festive and showman than vindictive. Rodrigo Cuevas, that so-called cultural agitator, a label that does not limit him, and that “It allows you to be anything, that adjusts to what you like and even invites you to be able to reinvent yourself at any time”described “as if Freddie Mercury and Tino Casal had had a son with mothers”thus presented his “The Pilgrimage” at the Miguel Delibes Cultural Center in Valladolid on March 3, 2024.

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