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breaking latest news of the Screamin’ Witch Doctors concert in Valladolid

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breaking latest news of the Screamin’ Witch Doctors concert in Valladolid

You have charisma or you don’t have it. And Urban Von Ripper, the voice of these screaming would-be disease healers, has something to give and share; and if Pable Tombstone joins the drums; Goyo Fernández on guitar and backing vocals; and Miguel A. Johannes on keyboards, bass keyboard and backing vocals; and they open those glass jars in the manner of wild west charlatans, where they mix garage, R’n’B, surf and funk sounds, greatly influenced by horror rock artists and where they combine their passion for Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Screaming Lord Sutch and the theme of typical characters from cemeteries, swamps and other haunted places, we are assured of our mental health and, as a bonus, first-class cardiac health to the sound and rhythm of the dances that this quartet with a complicated name encourages us to perform.

Their healing potions are kept in three slices, according to their attached leaflet, to be administered at any time of the day without regard to the quantity, although gossipy and heartless neighbors suggest that they not be administered late at night, under the risk that some gentle gentlemen with batons and guns will appear at our homes, at the cost of a fine, to encourage us to a certain hourly abstinence. Its healing sounds concentrate on three works: “Come On Let’s Dance With Screamin’ Witch Doctors” (08), “Afraid Of The Dark” (12) and the recent one that they have presented to their patients, “Back From Transylvania” (22). Ok, it’s not that they are very prolific, and that is the reason why companies like AstraZeneca, BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Novavax or Pfizer do not invest in them and have to turn to more modest and close companies like Family Spree Recordings, Subterfuge Records and, of course, those delicious brainless people, like those of the Sonic Reducto, to give free rein to their healing sounds.

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A dancing and festive night “R&R hit with…”, as the prospectus says, that this cultural group prepared for us on another specific date, February 23, which for the youngest does not mean much, but for those of us who are already of an age it has a certain meaning that, perhaps, One day we will know the whole truth, where with the initial appearance of the Madrid band Loco Moreti, with shots of Rock and Roll, Country, Folk, Swing and Bluegrass, led to the presentation, and something more, of their latest potion. Screamin’Witch Doctors are an experience worth enjoying live; four guys with a lot of filmmaking and, above all, a lot of charisma, who engage, convince and entertain; and that confirm, once again, that this thing about music (although it can be extended to almost all arts in general) is an unfair world where the people with the most talent and arguments are not always on top… although, selfishly, so We enjoy them with more privacy.

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